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Mercury Completes Initial Avator Lineup with 75e and 110e Outboards

Mercury Marine Avator 110e
The all-new Mercury Marine Avator 110e

After first teasing two new Avator models at CES in January, Mercury Marine has officially launched the all-new 75e and 110e Avator electric outboards.

Avator 110e
The Avator 110e

Mercury has made a series of significant investments into electrification over the last three years. The industry leader brought the Avator 20e and 35e outboards, which correspond to roughly 5.0 and 8.0 hp, to the market in April 2023. The first Avator was the 7.5e (3 hp) launched in February 2022.

The first stream of the 7.5e, 20e, and 35e shipped to dealers in April of last year. The gradual rollout and impending expansion of the Avator series is part of Mercury's broad push towards electrification. Brunswick also paired the launch of their new budget-conscious brand Veer Boats with rigging from the Avator 7.5e.

Now the industry leader has officially launched the Avator 75e and 110e electric outboards to complete their initial Avator lineup.

At the recent CES show, the Avator 20e and 35e both won CES Innovation Awards in the Sustainability, Eco-Design and Smart Energy category.

“We are proud of all the recognition we have received for our Avator electric outboards to date, and we are excited to introduce our most powerful new models yet,” said John Buelow, Mercury Marine president. “The 75e and 110e electric outboards are well-suited for powering a variety of vessels, including pontoons, runabouts, skiffs and RIBs, providing more people with a user-friendly, sustainable boating experience.”



The Avator series uses an industry-first "transverse flux motor technology," which delivers instant torque and reliable, efficient power, the new 75e generates 7500 watts at the prop shaft, which converts to 10 horsepower. The 110e generates 11000 watts at the prop shaft, which converts to 15 horsepower.


Both models are available with digital remote controls for boats with console steering. The 75e is also available with a multi-function tiller handle. The standard power tilt system also makes it easy to raise or lower the outboard for maximum efficiency or to operate in shallow water.


Batteries and Charging

The new outboards connect to an Avator 5400 Power Center, which facilitates seamless battery integration, offering the flexibility of connecting up to four rugged, weather-sealed Avator 5400Wh lithium-ion batteries for extended range and runtime. A Mercury authorized dealer can help customers select the right number of batteries and configure their Avator electric propulsion system to fit their boat.

The Power Center delivers convenient, single-point charging for multiple batteries simultaneously. Boaters can choose their own charging time: The portable 520W Avator charger will recharge two depleted 5400Wh batteries in approximately 20 hours, while the 1050W charger can cut charge time by more than 50 percent (requires an AC-compliant inlet and breaker).


All Avator models come with a standard intelligent digital display that enables operators to monitor speed, range in terms of time or distance remaining, battery level, power output, and alerts on a full-color screen optimized for readability in all light conditions. There are two mounting options for the digital display on the 75e and 110e remote console configurations: flush-mount or pedestal mount. On the 75e tiller model, the display is integrated into the outboard for quick and easy viewing.


The Avator 75e and 110e come with a pre-installed Mercury SmartCraft Connect module that connects the outboard wirelessly to the Mercury Marine app on a smart device. The app can monitor range, battery state of charge and other performance data. It provides a GPS map with visualized range estimates for planning trips. Users can customize the app to send them alerts and descriptive text notifications. Boaters can track their reduced carbon footprint based on estimated emissions avoided while boating with the Avator electric outboard.

You can get the first look at the new 75e and 110e in the video below:

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