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Brunswick Launches 'Veer' Boat Brand

Veer Boats X13
The all-new Veer X13 from Brunswick will be manufactured by Lund Boats

Product announcements continue to roll in from the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. Earlier today, Mercury Marine unveiled their new Avator electric outboard, and now their parent company Brunswick Corporation has added to the excitement. Brunswick has announced the arrival of an all-new boat brand known as Veer, which will cater to first-time boat buyers and electric boating enthusiasts.

Their first model -- the X13 -- will serve as a compact, ultra-versatile, and user friendly platform that will help get new boaters on the water. The new model will have an LOA of 13' with a 48" beam and a draft of 6.3". It will have capacity for up to two people and weighs in at just 382 lbs (unloaded). It will also come standard with a galvanized trailer for transportation.

The boat will bring an MRSP of just $11,995 USD with standard features included.

“Recreational boating and fishing are enjoying increasing popularity with younger and more diverse consumers,” said Matt Atilano, Veer Director of Strategy. “We identified a gap in the marketplace and a need to create a more targeted and modern experience for these new boaters, which inspired the design and development of the Veer brand.”

The X13 will be built from rotomoulded polyethylene plastic which will offer significant strength and limited maintenance. The platform is designed to be powered by Mercury Avator electric propulsion systems or Mercury FourStroke gas-powered outboards, including the all-new Avator 7.5e electric outboard and its matching 1kWh battery. Maximum horsepower will be up to 9.9 hp with a 3 gallon fuel tank.

The new Avator electric propulsion system will undoubtedly be the preferred choice as it will offer silent operation, intuitive controls with mobile app integration, and zero emissions. For anglers, or those simply looking for a user-friendly travel vessel or tender, the X13 will offer an appealing set of features.

The boat itself will be manufactured by Lund Boats, another subsidiary of Brunswick, and will be available in either Seafoam green or standard Grey.

Standard features with the X13 package will include a galvanized trailer for towing, a portable navigation light kit, a MarineMat, and transom capability for either Mercury electric (optional) or gas-powered outboards (standard). Optional features include a shallow-water anchor, SportTrak accessories for customization, a mooring cover, and a standing bar.

“Our target consumer is looking for a brand that brings new energy and new thinking to the outdoor experience,” said Atilano. “Through Veer, we look forward to delivering on these desires and on Brunswick’s promise to expand access to the water and democratize boating.”

You can get the first look at the new X13 in the video below:

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