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Mercury Expands 'Avator' Electric Outboard Lineup

 Mercury Avator 7.5e
The all-new Mercury Avator 7.5e

Industry stalwarts Mercury Marine are currently at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas and continue to highlight their expansion into electric power.

After announcing the conceptual Avator electric outboard in February of 2022, the company has now brought the concept to reality with the all-new Avator 7.5e electric outboard. Mercury has also announced plans to display larger iterations, the 20e and 35e, later in 2023.

“We are excited to formally introduce the Avator 7.5e electric outboard to the world,” said Chris Drees, Mercury Marine president. “As the innovation leader in the marine industry, both in internal combustion products and now electric propulsion, we have the resources and knowledge to make boating more accessible to more people, while building on our commitment to sustainability. The Avator program is helping us do this in new and exciting ways.”

The 7.5e will produce 750W of power which generates an equivalent to 3.5 hp on a standard gas-powered outboard. By those same metrics, the incoming 20e and 35e would produce roughly 9.0 hp and 15 hp, respectively.

The new 7.5e will be offered with tiller or remote steering and will be ideal for small boats, tenders, jon boats, inflatables, and even kayaks.

Other keynote features include swappable batteries, and quick-connect mounting system with intuitive controls. A full-color display tracks battery level and range to give users confidence while on the water. The 7.5e will also be the first propulsion system from Mercury that's compatible with their new Mercury Marine app, which is available on both iOS and Android devices. The app contains tutorials, mechanical, and support information for the product. Users who add a Mercury SmartCraft Connect module to their outboard can also unlock advanced features within the app that include a GPS map for planning trips and estimating range, as well as the ability to track speed, battery levels, outboard hours, and system and maintenance notifications.

The accompanying 1kWh lithium-ion battery was developed in partnership with Mastervolt and was engineered exclusively for marine use. The battery pack outputs at 48V and has been drop-tested and IP67 rated for water resistance. Internal electronics monitor voltage and current to deliver a safe and effective charge and include failsafe controls in the event of an adverse charge. The digital display continuously shows the current power status and estimated runtime.

“The Avator 7.5e is much more than just an outboard,” said Tim Reid, Mercury Marine vice president of product development and engineering. “We created an entire propulsion system, fully integrated from the advanced controls, props and digital gauges to an all-new mobile app. Every aspect was designed with the same attention to quality, durability and reliability as all Mercury products. We’re confident the Avator 7.5e outboard will deliver a superior boating experience for boaters interested in powering small vessels with electric propulsion.”

The advancement of the Avator series will likely be a major talking point for Mercury at CES, as well as throughout 2023. The company has already publicly pledged to offer a full series of electric outboards in 2023. The larger Brunswick Corporation, who own Mercury, have also made large commitments of resources to their Navico Group subsidiary, which is mandated to further the development of electric technology throughout the marine, RV, and industrial industries.

You can get the first look at the new 7.5e in the video below:

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