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Mercury Marine Reveals Two More Avator Outboards at CES

Mercury Marine has unveiled two new Avator electric outboards at CES 2024.

The CES 2024 event runs from Jan 9th-12th in Las Vegas and has become a major hub for new tech announcements across multiple industries.

As part of the company's pledge to offer five new Avator motors by the end of 2024, Mercury has been steadily increasing the power of the Avator lineup. With the 7.5e, 20e, and 35e now on the market, the company has chosen tech industry event CES 2024 to unveil the all-new 75e and 110e additions.

“We are thrilled to unveil the Avator 75e and 110e on a world stage at CES,” says John Buelow, Mercury Marine president. “As we deliver on our commitment to introduce five low-voltage electric outboards, we are also excited to provide a concept of a high-voltage electric propulsion system. This concept, along with our incredible internal combustion products which have redefined outboard performance, continue to position us as the innovation leader in the marine industry.” 

Mercury has made a series of significant investments into electrification over the last three years. The industry leader brought the Avator 20e and 35e outboards, which correspond to roughly 9.0 hp and 15.0 hp, to the market in April 2023. The first Avator was the 7.5e (3 hp) launched in February 2022.

The numerical designation on every Avator motor corresponds to its wattage. The new 75e produces 7.5kW (7,500 W) of power to the propeller, which equals 10 hp, while the 110e produces 11kW (11,000 W) for an equivalent 15 hp. Both models offer approximately one hour of run-time per charge at full throttle, with up to 2-3 hours at 75% throttle.

A keynote feature of the Avator is the addition of a swappable battery -- given the relatively small size and light weight of the batteries, users can simply open the cowling to interchange batteries while on the water. Mercury also offers a matching mobile app to give users engine monitoring capability right from their smartphone.

With the initial launch of the Avator lineup now complete, consumers who can't attend CES will have their chance at several upcoming industry events including boot Düsseldorf from Jan 20-28th in Germany and the Miami International Boat Show February 14th-18th.

You can get the first look at the new motors in the video below:

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