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Year in Review: The Best Boating Stories of 2022

Pontoon boat Great Loop
Scott Meyers completed the 'Great Loop' in a pontoon boat in an unbelievable 34 days

And so the Earth has done another tour around the sun. 2022 sure was something. I'm not sure if it can be encapsulated by a few adjectives, so I won't even try. But, I can say it was an interesting year, all things considered, and that includes both the good and the bad.

Industry wise, business is booming. There has been a massive increase in boaters both during and after the pandemic, and manufacturers are still working to meet demand. Much of that struggle can be chalked up to things out of their control, mainly supply chain issues and the inability to get the parts needed to finish boats, but beneath that is a good problem to have: boaters want to buy boats.

But 2022 was absolutely not a bad year. Far from it. We saw major advancements from companies like Mercury Marine, Sea Ray, Formula, BRP, and more. Boating, as a whole, finds itself approaching the dawn of a new era. It is now definitively on the cusp towards standardized features that include autonomous electronics and systems control, digital helms with mobile app integration, and electric power, just to name a few. In other words, boating is becoming easier for the end user, and therefore more pleasurable. The days of struggling to dock your boat, fighting against currents, navigating unknown waters, and the myriad of other common gripes that boaters lament, are quickly becoming fewer and farther between.

The demand heading into 2023 will be very high but if you spent 2022 much like I did -- on the water and in the sun -- then you made the most of a tumultuous year. And that's great news -- boaters all around the world had a great year on the water. Now we have to let the seasons change before re-launching in spring 2023 to a whole new season of adventures. Unless, of course, you're one of those lucky people who can boat year-round. In which case, I have to ask: can I come visit?

So without further ado, here are the 22 biggest boating stories of 2022. They were assembled based on the interest of our readership, but there's also a few thrown in because they're entertaining and make for a great read. You can call that editor's choice. We were incredibly fortunate to cover unbelievable some stories from the past, the present, and some that will definitely help shape the future.

Here's to another great year in 2023.

1) BRP Unveils Groundbreaking Rotax Outboard Engine with Stealth Technology

The future of engine technology has always been of major interest to our readers, so when BRP announced an industry-changing outboard that can be stashed beneath the transom, it made waves everywhere. Read More

2) Man Completes The Great Loop in Pontoon Boat in 34 Days

Completing the Great Loop typically takes 10-14 months, depending on your schedule and how many stops you want to make, so when a doctor from Oklahoma managed to rip around North America in a pontoon boat in just 34 days, boaters were stunned. Read More

3) The 2023 Forecast- When is the Best Time to Buy a Boat

Everybody wants to know when it's the best time to buy a boat, so Captain Bill broke provided the answers. He shows you what to look for, what to avoid, and when to sign on the dotted line. With supply chain issues making boaters nervous, his 2023 forecast is a must-read for potential buyers. Read More

4) Wayne Gretzky Has Excellent Taste in Boats

The Great One might hold 61 records in 'The Show,' but now he holds another: the retired pro athlete with the nicest boat around. His Steinway Coeur Custom 34 HT is an absolute stunner. Read More

5) YouTuber Sinks 400k Pavati Wake Boat, Uses Navy SEAL Ship to Recover It

The world of famous YouTubers is becoming increasingly absurd, with endless budgets and few limitations on what they can, and can't, do. For David 'Heavy D' Sparks and The Diesel Brothers, accidentally sinking a pristine 400k Pavati wake boat was just an excuse to get creative while filming its resurrection. Read More

6) Formula Surprises With Two New Centre Console Models

The almighty Formula boats just never stops innovating. While still atop their game with the growing popularity of their 'Super Sport Crossover' series, the Indiana boatbuilder stunned crowds by returning to the centre console market with the all-new 387 CCS and CCF. Read More

7) Hydrofoils are Back! Let's Weigh the Pros and Cons

What was gone shall rise again. Hydrofoils are making a huge resurgence, mostly due to being ultra-efficient when it comes to fuel consumption. They're also getting the attention of electric boat builders who are taking advantage of their exceedingly low drag compared to traditional hulls. Captain Bill weighs the pros and cons so you can decide if a hydrofoil is in your future. Read More

8) Boating Georgian Bay In A Group & The Lessons Learned (Two-Part Series)

BoatBlurb contributor Rick Layzell is a cruiser if ever there was one. After spending the past few seasons exploring the vast waters of Georgian Bay, he documents what it's like travelling in a group while exploring northern arm of the famous 'G-Bay.' The art of rafting, travelling through tight quarters, and organizing the docking of a huge group is all covered. Part 1

9) Mercury Unveils 'Avator' Electric Outboard