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Vision Marine Shatters Electric Speed Record with 109 MPH Run

Vision Marine Technologies World Speed Record 109 mph Lake of the Ozarks
Photo- Vision Marine Technologies

Canada's Vision Marine Technologies has shattered the world record for fastest electric boat with a 109 mph run.

The previous electric record was 88.6 mph and came via a Jaguar Vector V20E catamaran.

The electrifying run was done in partnership with Hellkat Powerboats of Miami, Florida using a custom-built 32-foot catamaran designed to accommodate Vision Marine's twin E-Motion 180 hp/160 kW electric outboards and large battery banks. The two companies made the record during the Lake of the Ozarks Shootout this past weekend.

The engineering team at Vision Marine and Shaun Torrente of Shaun Torrente Racing, who was also in charge of rigging, spent months testing in Florida to create the V32 from scratch.

Vision Marine also paired up with Octillion Power Systems, who was also the race's sponsor, to fabricate the specially shaped battery pack to power the boat. The monitoring systems on board were enhanced by Nextfour Solutions, while the outdrives were designed by Pat Weissman of Weissman Marine.

Vision Marine CTO & COO Xavier Montagne said: “The results we observed from this weekend’s race are only the tip of the iceberg. This accomplishment is the fruit of many years of close technical collaboration with our European and American partners. We worked hard on optimizing the electric motors, the 700V batteries, the cooling circuitry, and the hardware and software integration, all of which are quintessential to our success as a leader in the electric marine propulsion industry.”

STR’s Shaun Torrente added: “It has been an amazing experience to push the boundaries of what people thought was impossible. In the past two days, we proved that the limits of electric propulsion are only in the minds of those that have not followed Vision Marine and our project. With this result, they cannot pretend we are not here anymore.”

Photo- Vision Marine Technologies

Over 100,000 spectators watched Torrente, a five-time UIM champion and current F1 H20 World champion, make the record run aboard the V32.

It's worth noting that in July 2022 Vision Marine signed a partnership with Groupe Beneteau to integrate their E-Motion motors onto various models under the Beneteau portfolio. The conglomerate also owns Jeanneau, Prestige Yachts, Four Winns, Wellcraft, Scarab, Glastron, and others. The projected first boat to include Vision's E-Motion motors will be the Four Winns H2 OB runabout in 2023.

You can watch the record breaking run courtesy of Lake TV below:

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