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Mercury Moves Ahead with Avator 20e and 35e Outboards

The ramping up of Mercury Marine's new Avator electric outboards has reached its next pleateau.

Mercury announced the Avator in early 2022 with the Avator 7.5e, which provides 3.5 horsepower for smaller boats and tenders. The 7.5e was quickly scaled up and began shipping to dealers in April of 2023.

The company made it clear from the onset that the Avator would be gradually expanded, namely an increase in horsepower and capability over the next 2-3 years.

During the initial launch, former Mercury Marine president Chris Drees stated: “Electrification is strategically important to us, and this concept provides a first look at how we intend to deliver on our commitment to being the industry leader in both internal combustion products and electric propulsion.”

Tim Reid, Mercury Marine vice president of product development & engineering, also added: "We expect our breadth of electric offerings to expand over time, and we will continue to listen to consumer feedback and monitor adoption trends.”

In January 2023, Mercury unveiled the next step for the Avator's - the 20e and 35e platforms. The new models were showcased at the Consumer Electronics Show in Last Vegas and made significant fanfare among industry and non-industry writers alike.

Today, Mercury announced both the 20e and 35e have entered production at their Fond du Lac, Wisconsin production facility and will be heading to dealers in short order.

The 20e will offer 9.0 hp, while the 35e will bring 15 hp to the transom. The numerals on the Avatar motors correspond with wattage -- meaning the 7.5e generates 750 watts, the 20e brings 2000 watts, and the 35e bring 3500 watts, respectively.

Each motor is paired with a quick-release 48V battery that sits under the cowling. A digital display on the outside of the cowling shows user information like the motor's speed and battery charge level.

Mercury Avator 20e 35e
The Avator 20e and 35e will soon be headed to dealers

“We are thrilled to take the next step in our electrification journey as we continue to deliver on our commitment to being the industry leader in both internal combustion products and electric propulsion,” said John Buelow, Mercury Marine president.

“Consumer feedback from the Avator 7.5e has been very positive and we are confident the same will be true for the 20e and 35e once they enter the marketplace.”

There is still more to come from Mercury in 2023. The company has committed to releasing five Avator products in 2023, and has made it clear they're on pace to match that initiative.

With three outboards reaching the market thus far, one can safely assume the next two will include an additional increase in horsepower. Given the widespread use of boats in the 15'-22' foot range, Mercury's next Avator release will almost certainly cater to a huge market segment in the 25-40 horsepower range.

The Avator also includes additional features for small-boat users, most notably quick-change batteries, silent operation, and a fully integrated digital display that syncs with smartphones.

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