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It's Our 3rd Anniversary - Here are the Biggest Stories from the Last Three Years

This week marks the 3rd anniversary of 'The Blurb.'

We launched in May of 2020, which, looking back on it, was a wild time. We all know why.

We've come a long way since then. Our subscribership has exploded in recent months, and we're providing (in our opinion, at least) some of the most up-to-date and complete information in the boating world. We've gone global, too. We are based in Canada and started with a strong hometown readership, but now our top five countries are the United States, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, and New Zealand. In that order. We've also growing quickly in the Netherlands, Sweden, and Germany. In other words, the boaters have found us. We exist to be there for you, and our mission is to educate and inspire. I've always said it: if there's something you want to read, let me know and we'll cover it.

I'm not a hard guy to find either, just hit me up at

This anniversary also gave me a chance to reflect. What were the biggest stories from the last three years? What's changed in the boating world since we started? How is boating different than it was in 2020?

Those are hard questions to answer, but I'll try.

I've put together the 15 biggest stories from the last three years. They were chosen based on two main criteria: 1) readership -- the number of pageviews they've accumulated since they were published, and 2) influence -- the measurable impact the stories had on boaters as determined by the number of comments, shares on social media, and feedback we received. Sometimes we publish an article that I suspect might go flat, and it goes viral. Sometimes there's a breaking story that I'm convinced will change the game, and it quickly fades away. The internet can be a silly place.

If you look at these 15 stories as a collective, it paints an interesting picture. The boating world is everchanging, but at the same time many things remain the same. Boaters are a unique breed, and I have great respect for their sense of individuality, their fascination with details, and their thirst for knowledge. I'm the same way. I sometimes joke that boaters have ADHD because they rarely seem focused, but when they do focus on a story, watch out. They will consume it with incredible intensity. No detail will be left undiscussed.

I get confirmation of that theory every Tuesday when our newsletter goes out. I watch the web traffic in real-time as boaters attack the latest information. They're quick to point out irregularities. They don't mince words. I love that.

They also love engines. I don't know exactly why, but boaters love a good engine story. You'll see that reflected in the list below.

I must also take a moment to thank our Editor-in-Chief Chris Perera. We are part of the family, and Chris has incredible vision. I don't know anyone else who loves boating, and the boating community, as much him. He lives for all of us. There is no better advocate. If you're a boater, you should absolutely be using BoatDealers for your buy/sell needs. We also have a suite of other sites for RV'ers, motorcyclists, and snowmobilers.

Without further ado, here's the biggest 15 stories of the last three years. Thanks for being with us on this ride.

1) BRP Unveils Groundbreaking Rotax Outboard Engine with Stealth Technology

BRP announced a line of Rotax outboard engines that are horizontally designed, rather than vertical, which allow them to be mounted below the stern deck. The new lineup of 115 and 150 hp configurations was met with strong reactions. Read more.

2) Don’t Poke Poseidon: The Ritual of Naming Your Boat And Staying Afloat

Naming, or renaming, a boat requires a very strict protocol. Failure to follow the rules of the deep will land you, and your beloved boat, in Davy Jones' locker. We put together some guidelines so you can do it the proper way. Read more.

3) Tom Brady Adjusting to Florida Life with Custom Wajer 55S Yacht

Tom Brady had it pretty good in Florida. The iconic NFL quarterback not only won a Super Bowl in his first year with the Buccaneers, he also picked up a stunning Wajer 55 from the boutique Dutch builder. Read more.

4) Famous Boats: The Strange Saga of the 'Orca' from JAWS

Jaws was released on June 20th, 1975, and to celebrate its 45th anniversary as one of cinema's best aquatic thrillers we dove into the fascinating backstory behind Quint's disheveled but beloved boat: the Orca. Read more.

5) Evinrude Discontinued; Mercury Marine Enters Agreement with BRP as Primary Engine Supplier

The industry was stunned in May 2020 when BRP abruptly declared the discontinuation of the longstanding Evinrude brand. The gaping hole it left across the industry has had a profound rippling effect that is still playing out today. Read more.

6) Sea-Doo Launches 'Switch' Pontoon Line

No one was prepared for the arrival of the Switch. BRP and Sea-Doo designed a revolutionary pontoon that uses PWC styling, like handlebars instead of a steering wheel, matched with an incredibly adaptable platform. Read more.

7) Man Completes 'The Great Loop' in Pontoon Boat in 34 Days

Most cruiser owners take 10-14 months to complete 'The Great Loop.' Scott Meyers from Tulsa, Oklahoma completed the route in a jaw-dropping 34 days. Even more, he ripped across the continent in a 24-foot Bennington tritoon. Read more.

8) Suzuki Releases New 4-Stroke Outboards with Drive-by-Wire Tech for 2021

The new line of 4-stroke midsize outboards from Suzuki has been a slow burn since its release. Over time, however, boaters have become incredibly interested in Suzuki's new drive-by-wire design that produces incredible output, efficiency, and value. Read more.

9) The Pros and Cons of Jet Boats

Love'em or hate'em, jet boats are a big market. Captain Bill broke down what to expect when buying a jet boat, and it's helped thousands of prospective buyers understand what they're getting when they opt for a jet instead of a propeller. Read more.

10) Outboard vs. Sterndrive – Understanding The Right Power Choice for You

Craig Ritchie brings the knowledge with one of boating's most commonly asked questions -- what's the difference between outboard and sterndrive? It's more than simply a power choice - it affects design, layout, functionality, and efficiency. Read more.

11) 2023 Forecast- When is the Best Time to Buy a Boat?

After a topsy turvy few years, boaters went into 2023 with understandable reservations. Captain Bill decided to clear the air by providing a breakdown of the current market and how to navigate it. Readers got great tips about how to shop for a boat, when to get serious, and what to expect in 2023. Read more.

12) Captain Makes Clutch Decision to Save Superyacht 'GO' in St. Maarten's Crash

The internet was abuzz when the superyacht GO slammed into the St. Maarten's Yacht Club in March 2021. Not once, but twice. It was quite a sight to see one of the most prestigious yacht clubs in the world being pummeled by one of the most impressive superyachts ever designed. An interview with Captain Simon Johnson cleared the air by not only providing an explanation into what happened, but also what it means to be a great captain. Read more.

13) Gone But Not Forgotten- The Brands We Loved That Are No More (Part 1)

Many boat brands have come and gone, but few have left an indelible mark like OMC. In Part One of Richard Crowder's excellent 15-part 'Gone But Not Forgotten Series,' he discusses the heydey of OMC and the legacy they left behind. Throughout the entire series, he explores the brands we've loved and lost throughout boating's tumultuous past. Read more.

14) Innovators in Boating - N.E. 188th Street & The Famous "Thunderboat Row"

There wasn't a bigger time or place in boating history than 'Thunderboat Row' on N.E. 188th street in Miami. Starting in the early 60's until its downfall at the tail end of the 80's following the murder of the Don Aronow, 'Thunderboat Row' was ground zero for the 'Go Fast' culture that spawned brands like Donzi, Magnum, Cougar, Apache, Cigarette, Tempest, Pantera, Formula, and more. Read more.

15) Mercury to Introduce Electric Outboards by 2023

The electrification of boating has elicited strong opinions. Traditionalists are content with the gas-powered status quo, while innovators are looking to legitimitize electric power. Industry magnates like Mercury Marine currently dominate the gas-powered market, but they've also made major investments towards an electric future, including plans to launch five new electric outboards by the end of 2023. Read more.

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