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Tom Brady Adjusting to Florida Life with Custom Wajer 55S Yacht

By: Scott Way

For a guy with exceptional taste in winning championships, Tom Brady also has exceptional taste in boats.

After signing a bloated $50 million contract with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the off-season, the QB first cozied up at Derek Jeter's shack to get his bearings in the Sunshine State. With the rent clearly paid, Tom has now gotten a little spendy and dropped multiple seven figures on a 53-foot custom Wajer 55S yacht. Or as the folks at TMZ call it, a 'sleek watercraft.' No word on the exact price Gisele's husband paid, but safe to assume he can afford it.

The 6-time Super Bowl champion was spotted at a marina in St. Petersburg this week taking delivery of the new vessel, which has been dubbed Viva A Vida in honour of his wife's environmental initiative to plant over 200,000 trees in the Amazon rainforest.

The boat isn't without a little controversy, especially considering the timing, but we're choosing to believe Tom made the purchase to race old boss Bill Belichick. The Patriot's coach rides around Massachusetts in a modest Grady-White Tournament 225. The best part? He keeps having to rename it. Previously dubbed Rings VII as an ode to his Super Bowl prowess, the boat was renamed Rings VIII just days after the Patriots Super Bowl 53 victory in February. If the Pats win another 'ship soon (unlikely, but let's dream) and Belichick beats Brady on the water, we vote for renaming it First And X.

All that being said, if there is a race between these two, I'll be putting my money on Brady. If we're talking strictly football, put your pocket money on the Bucs. The Pats lost their sea legs this year.

And Tommy Boy isn't the only athlete who also dabbles as a mariner. NBA legend Michael Jordan cruises the North Carolina coast in his custom 80' Viking Yacht 'Catch 23.'

You can check out the extravagant Wajer 55S.

Check out the video below to see Tom living the buena vida in his new ride (via TMZ):

UPDATE February 10th, 2021: The 'ole Buccaneer pulled it off. Then he rolled up to the afterparty in his own yacht. His pass to Gronk with the Lombardi trophy wasn't exactly a spiral, but TB12 is indeed living his best life on Viva A Vida. (via Barstool Sports Facebook)

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