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Suzuki Releases New 4-Stroke Outboards with Drive-by-Wire Tech for 2021

Suzuki Marine has unveiled two new 4-stroke outboards utilizing their drive-by-wire technology typically found on larger platforms. The all-new DF115BG and DF140BG will be the first in their class to offer Suzuki's drive-by-wire tech in 115HP and 140HP packages. The reliability and precision response of the design has been showcased for years in existing 150HP-350HP models, and now the same engineering will be available on smaller platforms in 2021.

Given the turmoil in the marine engine industry, like the recent dissolution of Evinrude engines, there are likely to be major changes to the market in 2021.

The simplified rigging will prove beneficial to a wide range of boat builders and will also boast faster throttle response, improved fuel efficiency, and smoother shifting. The new engines will also showcase an upgraded compression rate of 10.6:1, giving both 2.0-liter displacement packages better acceleration and higher top speed. Routine maintenance will also be easier as replacing the oil filter will simply involve removing the upper engine cover. A new Oil Spill Catcher surrounding the oil filter mount allows for changing the filter without making a mess. An easy access Water Detection Fuel Filter to help protect against contaminated fuel was also added. 

Compared to existing DF115 and DF140A engines, the DF140BG boasts increased fuel efficiency of 5-7% across mid to high-end cruising speeds while the DF115BG offers 5-6% improved fuel efficiency at cruising speeds.

Other improvements include a 40 amp alternator on both models that offers improved output and better charging performance at low idle speeds - ideal for power-hungry fishing boats that spend a lot of time trolling. A redesigned cowl also incorporates a new air intake structure with improved water separation and a silencer-resonator system to attenuate engine sounds and provide a quiet boating experience at all RPM. Available in 20-inch (L) and 25-inch (X) shaft lengths the DF115BG and DF140BG will both be ideal for a wide range of small-mid size freshwater and saltwater boats. Both are available in Suzuki Pearl Nebular Black or Super Cool White color schemes.

“We are pleased to bring new technology and performance to this important class of outboard motor,” said George “Gus” Blakely, Vice President of Sales for Suzuki Motor of America, Inc., Marine Division. “These are not only the world’s first 4-stroke outboards in their class to include factory drive-by-wire technology, they feature a new design, a new look and enhanced performance for a wide range of boats around the world. In the Suzuki tradition, we’re delivering what the market and boat builders have told us they want,” added Blakely.

The DF115BG / DF140BG will start production in October 2020 and will be available in the 2021 sales program year. Suzuki Marine will continue to offer the existing DF115A and DF140A four-cylinder 4-stroke outboards alongside the new models.

Given that Suzuki has invested in a new marine test centre in the U.S, you can expect more developments in the near future.

You can get an inside look at the DF115 and DF140 during their concept/prototype phase in the video below:

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