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Siren Marine Launches New Mobile App in Canada

Siren Marine Yamaha mobile app

Yamaha Motor Canada, who own the Siren Marine brand, also signed KingFisher boats as their first partner.

Yamaha Motor Canada and Siren Marine have announced the launch of the Siren Connected Boat Experience to the Canadian market. The mobile app allows consumers, dealers, and boat builders in Canada to utilize an IoT (Internet of Things) experience to monitor, track, control, and provide maintenance information to the next generation of Connected Boats.

The Newport, Rhode Island based company was purchased by Yamaha in late 2021.

Siren Marine manufactures IoT (Internet of Things) solutions for the marine industry. Their primary product is the Siren Smart Boat Monitoring system which uses a standalone device installed on a boat to relay boat information to an associated smartphone app.

The system gives users complete access to their boat's data, including engine status, battery power, GPS position, temperature, bilge status, and more. The app itself creates a single platform where the entirety's of a boat's electronics can be viewed and controlled. The system also includes security and anti-theft features, geofencing, and the ability to remotely control nearly all of a vessel's onboard activity.

“We are thrilled to bring Siren Marine to Canada. The timing is perfect as we grow our dealer network, enhance OEM relationships and attract more marine customers into the Yamaha family than ever before,” said Chris Hawkins, Senior Director, Marine OPE Sales & Field Network, Yamaha Motor Canada in a press release.

“Now, all of our partners and customers can experience cutting edge Connected Boat technology to enhance the ownership of our products and deepen connections between customers, dealers and builders.”

Siren Marine’s flagship device, the Siren 3 Pro, is a patented, third-generation remote boat monitoring and telematics platform. The Siren 3 Pro operates over a global 4G/5G LTE cellular network with the option to add SirenSat, an offshore antenna for customers who are not in range of cellular coverage. Options for sensors include wired and wireless as well as connection to the NMEA 2000® network.

The Siren 3 Pro is matched with the Siren Connected Boat mobile app that combines real-time vessel security, multiple and flexible boat monitoring and tracking functions, and convenience features including remote digital switching.

The KingFisher 3225 GFX

Beginning in model year 2025, select KingFisher Boats will feature Siren 3 Pro as standard equipment.

“We are dedicated to bringing the latest and greatest technology to our boat buyers, so they have a unique, and premium ownership experience with a KingFisher boat,” said Baxter Bolton, President of KingFisher Boats.

“We’ve been working closely with the Siren team and testing the technology in our boats and are thrilled to be a part of bringing it to the Canadian marine market.”

In addition, the Siren Connected app can personalize the boating experience for customers, combining the branded look of their boat builder with specific information curated especially for them. KingFisher customers will have an entirely KingFisher branded app experience, along with opportunities for custom content such as owner’s manuals, videos and how to information.

Siren 3 Pro and the sensors are available to purchase from Yamaha Motor Canada dealers starting May 1, 2024.

The Siren Connected Boat app can be downloaded for free on the Google Play and Apple’s App Store.

You can see how the app works in the video below:

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