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Vision Marine Files Patent for Encrypted Communications

Vision Marine Technologies E-Motion 180 electric outboard
The Vision Marine E-Motion 180 is leading the industry in electric outboard power

Vision Marine Technologies has filed a patent for a cutting-edge Communication Cryptographic System technology for their popular E-Motion Electric Powertrain components. The E-Motion 180 outboard is currently the leading electric powered outboard motor on the market.

The new technology looks to enhance security for users, ensure the conformity of all system components on a boat, and deliver a better on-water experience.

The news marks another stepping stone for Canada's Vision Marine who have consistently placed themselves at the forefront of electric marine technology.

Not only did the company recently set the outboard electric speed record at 116 mph in August, they've also showcased their technologies by attempting the electric boating distance record and by launching the world's first 100% recycled boat. They've also partnered with Groupe Beneteau to implement their powertrain across a broad spectrum of boats, including the new Four Winns H2e Bowrider.

The E-Motion Powertrain uses components that operate as a decentralized network -- meaning each performs its functions while interacting intelligently with others. The encrypted communication is designed to ensure that these interactions remain secure and impenetrable to external interference by using a customized level of what's called Advanced Encryption Standard, or “AES." The aim of the feature is to enhance security for the user by improving the conformity of all system components, mitigating risks of malfunctions.

"Our commitment to innovation extends beyond performance enhancements to include significant advancements in security and integrity of our systems," said Alexandre Mongeon, CEO of Vision Marine Technologies Inc in a press release.

"The System Communication Encryption is designed to not only protect our technology from unauthorized modifications but also to ensure the reliability and adaptive behavior of our E-Motion Powertrain across all operating conditions."

The integration of the encryption technology into the powertrain's computing framework is part of the company's strategy to lead the industry not only in performance but also in technological system integration and deployment. The approach aims to protect the proprietary technology of the E-Motion Powertrain while also safeguarding the data and operational parameters from potential external tampering or breach threats.

"Once we secure this patent, it will mark a pivotal moment for our industry, establishing a new benchmark for the secure operation of advanced marine propulsion systems in an increasingly digital world," said Xavier Montagne, Chief Technology Officer at Vision Marine Technologies Inc.

"It is imperative to highlight the crucial role security plays in driving the widespread adoption of high- power electric marine propulsion systems."

This patent application is a testament to Vision Marine's foresight in addressing the evolving needs of the high-tech communication system of the boating industry. It also highlights the importance of security, not only in communication but also in safeguarding the integrity of all components and ensuring the safety of users.

You can see how their proprietary E-Motion 180 electric outboard works in the video below:

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