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Vision Marine Attempting Electric Boating Distance Record

Vision Marine electric record
The team will cover over 1000 nautical miles in 17 days

Leading electric manufacturer Vision Marine Technologies will attempt a record for the longest electric boat run by traveling 1050 nautical miles (1940 km) from Norfolk, Virginia to Miami, Florida.

The company is calling it the Amped Up - Electric Range Challenge.

The journey is expected to take 17 days.

The trio onboard will consist of veteran sailors Francois Légaré (captain) and Sylvie Latendresse (logistics and navigation), as well as Vision brand and communication director Vincent Prévost.

In a press release, the team said: "Our voyage is more than a remarkable feat; it is a statement that electric boats can accomplish extraordinary distances, leaving a minimal environmental footprint and preserving the natural wonders that define our world."

"With sheer grit and cutting-edge electric propulsion technology, we will break barriers, ignite imaginations, and inspire a global call to embrace eco-friendly practices."

Their boat is a custom outfitted 23-foot Zenith pontoon from Wired Pontoons with a bimini containing solar panel cells that generate over 3000W. The boat is powered by twin electric outboards, presumably the company's proprietary eMotion 180. The 180 horsepower motor has led the electric outboard industry in terms of power, range, and overall performance.

Vision Marine electric record
The trio will follow a preset route over the course of 17 days

Vision Marine has also been extremely active over the last two years. After setting electric speed records using the eMotion 180, the company has also delivered the first 100% recyclable boat to market.

The Quebec-based company also recently linked up with Four Winns boats to launch the well-received H2e Bowrider.

The group left Norfolk on Sunday, July 23rd from the Dismal Swamp in Norfolk, VA. The first leg consists of 31 miles to Elizabeth City, VA.

The longest run along the route will be near the end when they will travel 81 miles from Cocoa Village, FLA to Fort Pierce, FLA.

The crew will set a cruising speed of roughly 10 mph as weather and water conditions permit.

You can follow the group's progress via the Amped Up website or on social media.

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