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#WeirdBoats - The 'Spacruzzi' is Exactly What You Think, and That's Amazing

Want to keep boating over the winter? Get a Spacruzzi.

Spacruzzi boat hot tub

Boating and hot tubs go together like peas and carrots. Or maybe more like fenders and dock lines. The point is -- being on the water is awesome, so adding more water makes it more awesome.

For those with the bankroll to own a large enough yacht, it's not uncommon to see a hot tub on the main deck. Why not? When you're in prime relaxation mode, there are few things better than relaxing in a hot tub with a glass of wine while the stars circle overhead.

The collaboration between boats and tubs is so popular, in fact, that they're starting to creep their way into smaller and smaller boats. The De Antonio 50, for example, is a large cruiser (and the smallest yacht on the market) with a hot tub on the foredeck.

Well, now you can go even smaller. A new company called Spacruzzi is offering miniature boat tubs here in North America. The company was founded in Lake Tahoe by serial entrepreneur Alex Kanwetz, and the founder is already saying the boats are nearly sold out.

They're available as both recreational boats, or as commercial vessels where companies can purchase a fleet to add to their waterfront resort or similar retreat.

In an interview with the Tahoe Daily Tribune, Kanwetz said the idea was to create a "true" hot tub that is not only a unique experience, but is also fully customizable like any other high-end boutique product. Ordering up your Spacruzzi isn't all that different than ordering up a boat -- you have your choice of finish materials, colours, accessories, and more.

“In addition to a wide array of color options, the consumer can choose teak decking colors, metal accents, copper clad propane fireplace, custom stained tiller, custom teak folding ladders, shade covers, underwater lighting, electric motors, and custom designed floating drink caddy with metal champagne bucket,” said Kanwetz.

So how exactly does the Spacruzzi work?

Once the customer has settled on their design and signed a build contract, the boat goes into the fully customized production phase. Boat build and delivery time can take anywhere from 45 to 90 days, depending on finish levels and custom features.

As a U.S. made product that operates on the water, it's bound by the same regulations as any boatbuilding manufacturer, and each Spacruzzi is fully compliant.

“Spacruzzi is a green product" Kanwetz told the Tahoe Daily Tribune. "All electric propulsion systems and electric or propane heating options do not put pollutants into the air or water unlike most power boats on the lake. Spacruzzi is built to comply with all U.S. Coast Guard regulations including safety on the water (anti-tip, unsinkable) and on-board heating systems.”

Once you're on the water and heated up, the Spacruzzi uses a small electric motor with tiller steering to produce a top speed just under 5 mph. So you won't even beat a sailboat across the bay, but does it matter? You'll be in a hot tub, and they won't. It can be docked and tied up the same as any other vessel, so it can be treated like any recreational boat, albeit a slow moving one. It can also be trailered around like any small boat, and it can be launched via trailer or forklift. It weighs just 1200 lbs (dry) and sits just under 12'9" long (3.8 m) and 7' wide (2.1 m).

Want one yet?

You're not alone.

The company is already off to such a hot start that they've already been featured in Hot Tub Insider (bet you didn't know that existed). Their initial plan was to build 100 boats their first year, and they sold out. Despite only being founded in 2021, Kanwetz told the Tahoe Daily Tribune that business is very, very good. According to him, “Since we launched, we’ve seen immediate growth in both our rental and direct to consumer sales and funnel and this is continuing to grow. As you begin to see more rental operations popping up, we expect the awareness of the product to grow on the national level as more people see that this isn’t just a novelty item, but an experience that can’t be matched on the water. We continue to secure intellectual property on the development of the special features of the boat and are always looking to make the experience as safe and enjoyable as possible for our boat owners and rental partners.”

Check out the Spacruzzi in action below:

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