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#WeirdBoats - The De Antonio D50 is the Smallest Boat with a Hot Tub

By: Scott Way

Hot tubs are typically reserved for megayachts, but brace yourself for a new era. Why have hot tubs always been the fancy of the big boats, you might ask? Duh, it's because hot tubs take up a bunch of space, they need regular maintenance, and they're expensive and totally unnecessary. If you're already on water, do you really need more water?

The answer is yes. Yes you do. And now you can.

The all-new De Antonio D50 Open is likely the smallest boat to ever include a hot tub with an LOA of just 48'9" (14.9m). That's obviously not a small boat, nor a cheap one, but it is definitely small for hot tub enthusiasts.

The D50 Open falls into the category of 50-foot walkarounds alongside other brands like Pardo and Fjord, but there are several features that make it a standout. The hot tub is the obvious one, but the D50's ability to sneakily employ outboard power gives it an advantage no other boat can match.

As for the hot tub, it's actually quite large. It measures 8'x8' (2.5 m x 2.5 m), which is large for a residential home and certainly a substantial size for a 48' boat. The tub operates by pumping in saltwater to fill it, which can be drained just as quickly. If you anchor up for the night and the temperature drops, a dip in the tub for some late night R&R is quick and easy. Not to mention it's a deliciously decadent way to spend an evening on the water.

The other standout feature about the D50 is that it uses outboard power despite looking like an inboard. This setup creates the layout advantages of an inboard but the performance and maintenance perks of an outboard. The engines are disguised underneath the aft sunpad so the stern can use the the maximum available space typically seen on inboard layouts. This creates easy access for maintenance by lifting the sunpad, plus a full-width swimming platform for recreation.

The D50 doesn't just get caught up on the luxury amenities though. Performance-wise it packs up to four 450 hp outboards for 1800 total horsepower and a top speed of 50 knots (57 mph). Power options include two, three, or four outboard engines like the Mercury Verado 450R or the all-new 600 hp Mercury V12.

Layout details include walkaround decks, a dining area with cooking facilities, and a T-top shelter overlooking a smartly designed cockpit. Other notable features includes a hydraulic swim platform system, carbon fiber and steel accents, a full-size forward owner's cabin, a complete bathroom with separate toilet and shower cubicle, and a full-beam dinette that can be converted into a double bed.

All in all, the De Antonio D50 is probably the smallest boat with a hot tub on the market. That's cool in its own right, just as long as you empty the tub before throttling down on 1800 hp to get onto plane.

Here's a quick look at the overall specs:

De Antonio D50 Specifications

LOA: 48'9" (14.9m) Beam: 14'4"(4.4m) Engines: Twin/triple/quad outboards up to 1800 hp Top Speed: 50 knots (57 mph) Price Range: €505,990 (inc. VAT) / approx. $700,000 USD (before taxes & fees)

You can get a good look at the D50's clever design below:

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