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92-Foot Luxury Yacht Stuck in Delray Beach Finally Removed

One of the greatest fears among boat owners is being the subject of a viral video. Usually that anxiety is centered around things like docking at a busy marina or trying to navigate infamous passages like the Haulover Inlet.

Sadly, for the owner of a stunningly beautiful 92-foot (28 m) Viking luxury yacht, his dilemma has been making headlines for all the wrong reasons.

Residents in Delray Beach, Florida awoke on Friday to the massive yacht beached next to residential homes.

It was stranded there the entire weekend until TowBoatrUS in Fort Lauderdale was able to free the vessel on Monday from its position.

Captain Larry Acheson, president of the company, told WPTV they had 20 people working to try and free the boat from its hangup.

"We had various vessels all with different missions," he told WPTV. "We had to pull the diesel fuel off board. Various people on the beach and various people on the disabled vessel. If it starts taking on water, we had to have people running the pumps."

Seth Stern from the ultra-popular boating YouTube channel Wavy Boats, told WPTV reporter Chris Gilmore "You'll never see a boat like this beached again in your lifetime."

"This is not a small boat. This is not a small operation," he added.

According to Stern, the Viking's engines locked up and a generator malfunctioned during high winds on the ocean off Delray Beach, resulting in the boat being unable to control its movement before being steadily pushed onshore by powerful waves. According to Delray Beach police, three people were onboard the vessel when it ran into trouble.

"The attempts that I have witnessed have been unsuccessful due to the lines snapping due to the sheer weight of the boat," Stern told WPTV.

"Today it's nice to see they're pumping off all the fuel and oil to prevent any kind of environmental spill for when they do pull this boat off. It'll also lighten the boat tremendously, making the rescue much easier," added Stern.

The boat, named Pastime, is a Viking Sport Fisherman with an estimated value of about $10 million USD. Viking Yachts are one of North America's most prized brands with a devoted following. The company was founded in 1964 by brothers Bob and Bill Healey and is widely regarded as one of the most innovative brands in boating. They're also popular among celebrities and big-time sport-fisherman thanks to their ability to blend luxury with hardcore fishing amenities. NBA legend Michael Jordan, who aside from his extensive basketball resume, is well-known for participating in sportfishing tournaments with his epic 80-foot Viking Catch-23.

You can see Pastime in her predicament in the video from Wavy Boats below:

*UPDATE* 11/10/23- Viking has released a statement regarding the incident:

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