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15 of the Coolest Mini Boats & Tiny Watercraft Ever Designed

By: Scott Way

Having a case of ‘two-footitis’ is a classic boater affliction. For the uninitiated, it's the inescapable (and incessant) desire to acquire a boat two feet longer than the one you currently own. Because 'footitus' has such a grip on the boater psyche, many of boating's coolest small designs have been overlooked in favor of standard issue cruisers and cuddy cabins. Despite the lack of love, some of boating’s coolest designs come in micro form- from the Tiny Titan Hydroplane that scorched lakes as a miniature 8 foot competition boat, to the Mini Tug that captured imaginations with its 9 feet of novelty. Little boats rule.

Every year, innovative new designs push boating's continued evolution. Most of these developments keep in line with standard styles and sizes, choosing not to stray too far from the path, while others bypass normalcy altogether and sail off into the realm of the weird and the awesome. But just because a boat isn't 30 feet long with La-Z-Boy captain’s chair and seating for 12 doesn’t mean it doesn’t have unquestionable charm- some of boating's best micro machines packed all manner of style into 6-12 feet. Here are 15 of the coolest tiny watercraft you may not have heard of, but need to see:

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