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  • The Forgotten History of the Hydrofoil

    By: Richard Crowder Canada was the preeminent developer of the hydrofoil design before its latest revival After reading an article in Scientific American, Bell started his own research into hydrofoils in the In recognition of Bell’s earlier work on hydrofoils, It was named the Bras d’Or. Some also jumped to de Havilland Aircraft and contributed to the Bras d’Or hydrofoil design. Now back to hydrofoils.

  • We Have Hydrofoil Jet Skis Now

    We've said before that the hydrofoil is the design that just won't go away. But no one had tried to put a hydrofoil on a PWC. Until now. The Valo Hyperfoil is an electric hydrofoiling PWC that is obviously unlike any personal watercraft on that hydrofoil boat manufacturers have been trying to master for decades. Those are decent figures for an electric PWC, and the carbon fiber hydrofoils are the key.

  • Are We Finally Ready for the Hydrofoil Pleasure Boat Era?

    That was part of the thinking behind the development of hydrofoils. The hydrofoil concept has slowly expanded ever since. There are two general classifications for hydrofoils. Hydrofoil boats are known for speed. Hydrofoil kiteboards" and "Hydrofoil windsurfers" have also added a new dimension to kiteboarding and

  • Hydrofoils are Back! Let's Weigh the Pros and Cons

    Could there be a hydrofoil boat in your future? Here are some hydrofoil "pros": 1. Hydrofoils will decrease the motion index. Here are some hydrofoil "cons": 1. the 60 year old International Hydrofoil Society.

  • Candela Enters Center Console Market with C-8 Hydrofoil

    Sweden's Candela has announced a new 29-foot hydrofoil that will be the world's first all-electric center You can check out the C-8 hydrofoil platform's performance capability in the video below: #news #products

  • The 'Flying' Carbon Fiber Boat that Might Finally Make the Hydrofoil Go Mainstream

    We've covered the hydrofoil ad nauseum. But try as you might, the hydrofoil design is more persistent than a honey badger. The hydrofoil dates all the way back to about 1908 when Sir Alexander Graham Bell started tinkering with the prospect of a hydrofoiling boat. It's gaining steam once again, this time in the form of high-end luxury hydrofoiling dayboats.

  • #WeirdBoats -The 243-Foot Hydrogen-Powered Hydrofoil That Can Go 85 MPH

    The almighty hydrofoil just won't go away. As many jeers as they get from traditional boaters, there really is no argument -- hydrofoils do work For those unaware, hydrofoils have a long history dating back to the 1960's. again, to the point that we've even had to ask the question -- are we finally ready for the hydrofoil So what's the reasoning behind not only using hydrogen power, but also making it a hydrofoil?

  • Candela Unveils All-New P-8 Electric Passenger Boat

    Candela hydrofoils already represent some of the most efficient electric boats currently available, and its battery technology and range (thanks in part due to said hydrofoil) continue to receive industry Hydrofoils continue to grow in popularity as battery power technology improves. The C-Foil hydrofoil system on the P-8 Voyager also incorporates engineering facets from the drone, aerospace You can get a quick look at the new P-8 Voyager in the video below: #news #products #candela #hydrofoil

  • Supercar Blondie Test Drives $1 Million 'Flying Yacht'

    The Foiler, as the name would suggest, is a technologically advanced hydrofoil that uses a complex system of foils to allow users to switch between conventional cruising and hydrofoiling above the water. As a hydrofoil the boat is 40% more efficient than a conventional hull, although that efficiency is likely Those are reasonable numbers, especially considering designs like the Candela C7 are using a similar hydrofoil While underway in full hydrofoil she boasts a lofty beam of 7.2 m (24 ft) compared to an overall length

  • #WeirdBoats - Candela C7 Pushes Electric Viability as Technology Grows

    The C7 circumvents the issue by utilizing a hydrofoil system to create a low-drag propulsion system that Hydrofoils by nature are designed for efficiency. energy per kilogram than a lithium battery, and until that ratio can be brought closer together, the hydrofoil The result of the hydrofoil C7 is a top speed of 30 knots (35 mph, 56 km/h).

  • Editor's Choice - The 21 Best Boating Stories of 2021

    Read more. 17) The Forgotten History of the Hydrofoil With the sudden resurgence of the hydrofoil in boating, Richard Crowder goes back in time to remind us that the hydrofoil isn't a new concept.

  • Floating Motors is 'Resto-Floating' Classic Car Designs Into Modern Boats

    they can be configured in one of three ways: as a classic boat hull, at a twin-hull catamaran, or as a hydrofoil

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