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BMW & Tyde Boats Partner to Build Hydrofoiling Concept Yacht

BMW Tyde The Open hydrofoil
'The Open' is the second collaboration between BMW and Tyde

Two of Germany's forward-thinking manufacturers have partnered to produce a unique hydrofoiling concept boat.

Auto industry stalwarts BMW have paired with Tyde Boats, a luxury boutique eletric boatbuilder, to produce the all-new 15 meter (49 foot) 'The Open,' an electric hydrofoil featuring battery and electric technology from BMW matched with Tyde's unique hydrofoiling system.

The news comes after both companies partnered on The Icon in May 2023, another unique design intended for both companies to evolve their green tech and alternative propulsion systems. The boat debuted at the Cannes Film Festival in France and featured two 100kW electric motors powered by six BMW i3 batteries. The Icon design produced a range of 50 nautical miles (57 miles or 91 km) with a top speed of 30 knots (34 mph) and a cruising speed of 24 knots (27 mph).

Tyde was founded in 2021 and is based on Lake Starnberg near Munich, Germany. The company is cofounded by Dr. Christoph Ballin, formerly the CEO of electric motor company Torqeedo, and Tobias Hoffritz, previously the Innovation Manager at BMW AG.

“With The Icon, we have shown how elegant and luxurious sustainable mobility on the water can be,” said Ballin in a press release. “The continuation of the cooperation with BMW is now fuelling the launch into another segment. The new model brings future-orientated mobility to the day yacht segment.”

“Our aim is to use pioneering design and intelligent technology transfer from the automotive sector to provide additional impetus for the BMW-typical joy of sustainable mobility,” added Stefan Ponikva, vice president of brand communication and brand experience for BMW.

As for their second pairing with The Open, both companies have taken successful elements from The Icon and added more electric capability and boating-specific design features. Tyde is responsile for the development and production of the boat, while BMC is providing the expertise in battery technology and electromobility. BMW's subsidiary Designworks is taking the lead on behalf of the auto manufacturer.

The Open's most obvious feature, aside from the hydrofoiling system, is a 360-degree lounge-style cabin. While The Icon boasted vertical windows on all sides akin to an ultra-modern houseboat, The Open features a traditional tower with a sloping front windshield and open sides akin to high performance offshore center consoles. Inside, however, The Open keeps the spaciousness concept going with 360-degree rotating chairs with individual tablets at each seating position. In the center of the deck is an ultra-modern command station that uses iDrive controls, voice activation, and a 32" touchscreen display for the captain to operate the vessel.

Given the ongoing resurgence of the hydrofoil, when in operation The Open floats above the water in silence while offering a 360 panorama for passengers on board. Even in swell, the hull operates above the water so waves aren't felt, creating an even smoother ride that won't be interrupted by less than optimal water conditions. Carpeted floors add a unique touch for a recreational boat, while the lounge-style layout encourages socializing and taking in the scenery.

Tyde is already accepting orders on The Open with the first deliveries expected in Q3 of 2024.

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