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Yamaha Adds New Colour Options to Outboards in Canada

Yamaha Motor Canada outboard engine colours
Yamaha Motor Canada will now add pearlescent white and matte brown colour schemes to select outboards

Yamaha Motor Canada will now be offering new colour schemes on select smaller outboard motors.

Their Pearlescent White color scheme will be available on the F9.9, F25, T9.9, and T25. A unique brown colour will be offered for the first time ever on the F25.

“Bringing Pearlescent White to more models in the Yamaha Outboard lineup allows for customers to truly customize the look of their boat and match their unique style,” said Chris Hawkins, National Sales Director, Marine.

“Yamaha owners across Canada have loved Pearlescent White and offering it in portable and high thrust variants allows for even more people to enjoy it along with the reliability and performance they already know.”

The Pearlescent White option will provide more options for boaters to match their motor to their hull.

It will be best suited for for inflatables, small fiberglass runabouts, small pontoon boats, or as a kicker engine on a fishing boat to match its larger horsepower main engine(s).

The all-new matte brown finish on the F25 provides less reflection and helps conceal the outboard to give waterfowl hunters an edge. It also better compliments today’s camouflage-painted boats or those with a more subtle or darker colour scheme.

Going from the standard Yamaha gray to the matte brown, Yamaha reduced the light reflective value (IG-340) from 85.0 (gray) to 8.1 (matte brown). If the boater wishes to incorporate extra camouflaging on these outboards, there is no need to sand and prime, risking damage to the factory-applied corrosion protection or the cosmetic appearance of the outboard.

The matte brown colour also makes an excellent base layer for added camo treatments.

There is no word yet if Yamaha will be expanding the new colours to higher-powered outboards, or if the new options will be available outside Canada in the future.

You can see the list of available colours/sizes in the chart below:

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