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Tom Brady Cruises to Super Bowl Parade in His Own Yacht

By: Scott Way

Back in December we caught wind of TB12 picking up his new custom Wajer 55S yacht in St. Petersburg, Florida. At the time the Bucs carried a mediocre 7-5 record and pundits were already calling the Tampa Bay Experiment a failure.

But 'ole Tom though, that ageless wonder. After buying the yacht midseason the Bucs went on a tear. They won their final 4 games to finish the season 11-5, beat the sweetheart Saints in the divisional championship, took the NFC title from league MVP Aaron Rodgers, and picked up the Lombardi trophy by boat in one of the NFL's better afterparties.

About that last part, Tom rolled up to the parade in his own Wajer 55 yacht, which is a baller move. The spectacle made for one of the best Super Bowl parades in recent memory, which is hard to beat considering Gronk's legendary 2017 showing.

After picking up the hardware, Tom did what Tom does: he hucked the ball to Gronk. After hitting the tight end for 6 catches and 2 TD's in the Super Bowl, you know Gronk is going to catch a 7 lb wad of sterling silver (I looked it up, before you ask).

Speaking of Gronk, he had fun on his yacht too.

Shoutout to Bleacher Report for mentioning the Blurb during yesterday's festivities. Thanks B/R, you're alright.

You can see the Wajer 55S in all its glory in the video below:

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