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This Is It - The Coolest Catamaran Ever Built

This It It Catamaran
Photo - Italian Sea Group

The catamaran is in a league all its own. While the vast majority of boats (and boaters) rely on a single-hull design for their needs, the catamaran just won't quit.

Much like niche automobiles that attract a diehard clientele (looking at you, Amphicar), the same could be said for catamaran owners. They just love them... even if you don't. While the single hull will probably always reign supreme, the steady undercurrent of catamaran love isn't going away. Companies like Leopard and World Cat consistently maintain a strong follower base, while larger manufacturers like Sunreef are attracting big-name catamaran-ers like F1 champ Fernando Alonso and tennis superstar Rafael Nadal.

Which now brings us to the coolest catamaran of all - This Is It.

That's not some clever marketing line, either, that's the name of the boat.

The Italian Sea Group and Tecnomar (the same company that brought you Conor McGregor's sweet new ride) have partnered up to craft This Is It -- a 142-foot (43 m) luxury catamaran that's one of the wildest designs you'll ever see. And that's saying a lot for a catamaran.

In a press release, Giovanni Costantino, Founder and CEO of The Italian Sea Group, said: “The realization of this extraordinary project challenges the 'conventional' perceptions, driving us to completely recreate the boundaries of aesthetic parameters."

"This Is It is born as the perfect blend between the desires of a forward-thinking owner and a brand like Tecnomar, capable of taking on such an ambitious and demanding challenge. We will present this iconic yacht for the world premiere at the Monaco Yacht Show.”

This Is It will be the world's largest charter catamaran and is already available for 2024. It features 6 cabins and room for 12 guests, a massage room, and a galley with polarized windows that provide almost complete 360 views. There are over 600 square metres (6450 sq ft) of windows alone to provide incredible views while still maintaining privacy. The master suites have epic 11-foot (3.35 m) floor-to-celling windows with massive skylights. All of the spacious design features are aided by the catamaran layout and it's massive 47'6" beam (14.5 m).

While there isn't confirmation yet, it appears that This Is It is the completed version of Tecnomar's mysterious C130 design.

Guests can meander around the 142-foot superstructure with ease, which itself is heavily accented with platinum, gold, and metallic finishes. It makes the whole thing seem like equal parts spaceship and superyacht. Sleeping in one of the master suites will be like sleeping under the stars (or in the stars, for that matter).

The entire thing is wrapped in an futuristic and mirrored design that looks like it traveled back in time to teach us the true potential of the catamaran. If you're looking for entertainment, there's a huge exterior lounge that includes a swimming pool, gaming area, and dining space. Up top is a complete spa and 'treatment area' complete with a sauna, not to mention the sunlight you'll get from riding high atop the aluminum superstructure. A vertical garden spans two decks.

Photo- Italian Sea Group

Performance-wise, it's not too shabby either with a top speed of 19 knots (22 mph) and a cruising speed of 17 knots (19.5 mph) courtesy of twin MTU diesels. When toned down to 10 knots (11.5 mph), she has an impressive range of 3500 nautical miles (6480 km/4026 miles).

While catamarans aren't known for their fuel efficiency, This Is It was built with a hull optimized for efficiency and reduced consumption. She's also pretty emission-aware, thanks to an innovative exhaust gas treatment system known as SCR -- Selective Catalytic Reduction -- which helps to reduce nitrogen oxide emissions.

The boat itself is owned by Tasos Papanastasios, the founder of the world’s largest financial forex trading platforms, XM, and was commissioned in 2020. Construction began in 2021, and now This Is It is ready for public display.

It will premiere at the Monaco Yacht Show from Sept 27th-30th in the heart of superyacht culture and will be available for charter in 2024.

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