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The World's First V8 Powered PWC Is Not Your Everyday Watercraft

By: Scott Way

Strand Craft Daytona GT V8 PWC
The Strand Craft Daytona GT is not even close to your typical PWC

Florida-based Norwegian superyacht designer Kurt Strand has crafted some of the world's most futuristic superyachts and yacht tenders. Over the past five years, he's also been gradually applying his unique design style and powerhouse aesthetics to the world of PWC's. The result is the all-new V8 powered Strand Craft Daytona GT.

The Daytona GT is bigger, heavier, and more powerful than any other PWC on the market by far. It's a stout 5.08 m long (16'6"), 1.5 m wide (5'), and 1.33 metres tall (4'3"). It also weighs 567 kg (1250 lbs) and carries a 22 gallon (83 L) fuel tank. Most production-level PWC's weigh between 400-1000 lbs, with very few ever exceeding the 1000 lb mark.

But even with all that size, it also packs a powerful 6.2L supercharged V8 engine. For some reference, automobiles that also carry a 6.2L V8 include the Chevrolet Corvette and Camaro SS, both of which generate around 400 horsepower depending on their configuration. In essence, the Daytona GT is an American muscle car jammed inside a PWC body and launched onto water rather than down the 1/4 mile.

It's not short on luxury, either. Aside from its futuristic looks and yacht-like hull shape, it also has a 15" LED touchscreen display, a premium sound system, GPS navigation, and an underwater camera. The list of options is impressive, too, as owners can add fancy amenities like a carbon fiber body, carbon or wood inlays, a custom wrap or body paint (including 3D gold or silver), a teak wood deck, retractable tender lifting rings, and shock absorbing seats.

“Beautiful, powerful, and luxurious. These three adjectives inspired my design for a new watercraft concept,” says Strand on the company website. “I wanted to create a model that marries power and speed to the grace and elegance of Strand Craft’s design heritage.” No argument there.

We can't help but notice that the Daytona GT looks like an awfully good accoutrement to the new Wajer 55S yacht. Even with colours aside, they've got the same sweeptail design scheme. There could also be a little influence from the new Rolls-Royce BoatTail.

There's no word on its top speed, but with 400 horsepower under the hood it seems reasonable to assume it's among the industry's fastest. There's also no word on the price tag, either, but since the company stands behind a "you dream, we build it" moniker it's likely you can get pretty decadent with your own creativity. #news #products #pwc

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