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The Edorado 8S - Pioneering the Future of Electric Boating with CEO Godert Van Hardenbroek

The Marine Channel's David Gabriel with Dorado CEO Godert Van Hardenbroek
The Marine Channel's David Gabriel with Dorado CEO Godert Van Hardenbroek

"The hydrofoil reduces drag by about 70% percent and gives you a viable high speed proposition with viable range" - CEO Godert Van Hardenbroek

Nobody can have missed the radical change the car industry has seen with the introduction of electric vehicles.

The technology is developing and improving all the time with distance ranges now reaching levels which are practical for most of us. This revolution is no longer confined to the streets. However, the Edorado 8S, a cutting-edge electric boat, is making waves in the marine industry by embodying a shift towards sustainability, innovation, and luxury on the water.

The biggest hurdle for electric boats has been their range, and as boats are never as efficient as cars, this issue has seen a far greater impact. The early players simply replaced the combustion engine with an electric one and filled the bilge with the largest battery they could. While this produced a quiet and eco-friendly boating experience, the short ranges severely limited their usability and therefore their popularity, as well. The hurdle was to make the hull as efficient as possible so it would use less power and extend the range. But, there is only so far you can improve a hull that must push its way through water. So a new solution was needed. The Americas Cup boats have undergone a similar process, although their goal is speed not range. Their solution is foiling.

The first real entrant with an electric foiling boat was Candela. Their designs get excellent reviews and they continue to develop their product. While at the Dusseldorf Boatshow in January, we came across the Edorado stand and were enamored with their take on the concept. We met CEO and Founder Godert Van Hardenbroek who gave us an amazing insight into the evolution of their 8S.

They started with a blank canvas and chose not to follow the Candela blueprint which uses two foils forward and one aft -- which doubles as both rudder and propulsion. Instead, Edorado designed a single foil forward and a single foil aft which spans the beam and houses two motors with bespoke forward-facing propellors. All the foils retract so you can nudge into shallow waters. They also have a safety built in so that, if an underwater collision were to occur, it won't impact the integrity of the hull. By having the motors aft, it also brings the centre of balance back, so in the event of a sudden stop the boat will not nosedive. Edorado's approach to design is seriously impressive and, as you can see in our video tour below, these features can be activated via an app on your phone. Very cool!

Edorado offer another unique service, too. Not only can you buy the boat you see in our videos, but they can also supply it as a platform with all the foiling technology built-in. From there you can give it to your naval architect to design the boat of your dreams. They are currently doing this with one owner who is designing it to match the lines of his superyacht.

The Edorado 8S is more than just a boat. It's a glimpse into the future of marine transportation. As electric vehicles become mainstream, the marine industry is poised for a similar transformation. The Edorado 8S represents a significant step in this direction, offering a viable, attractive, and exciting alternative to traditional boats.

The reception from the market has been positive, with boating enthusiasts and environmental advocates alike praising its approach. As infrastructure for electric vehicles, including charging stations, expands, the feasibility and convenience of owning an electric boat like the Edorado 8S will only increase.

Please do check out or video tour of the boat and separate interview with CEO Godert as he explains the evolution of this futuristic craft:

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