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The $500,000 Maverick GT is an Electric PWC, a RIB, & 'The World's Smallest Yacht'

By: Scott Way

T3MP3ST Energy Platform Maverick GT
Photo- T3MP3ST Energy Platform

The Maverick GT is also an energy platform capable of powering homes, RV's, and electric cars

Everyone loves multi-purpose tools. It's how we got the spork and the Swiss Army knife, and it's why every man on Earth keeps a multi-tool in their pocket, in every drawer of their house, and in their truck. With the right tools, you can do anything.

When it comes to boats, multipurpose designs are all the rage with everything from aluminum fishing boats to boutique ski boats being integrated with fancy gadgetry for multiple applications. Fishing boats double as ski boats, yachts double as fishing boats, ski boats double as runabouts, you get the idea. Now there's a PWC that might be the epitome of the 'multi-tool' concept. It also has one heck of a name, which is fair considering the extent of its capabilities. The Maverick GT Jet RIB Energy Platform is a PWC, a RIB, a day boat, a 'yacht,' and an off-grid charging platform. It will also go 70 mph.

The Maverick GT was designed as part of the T3MP3ST Energy Platform, which is set to debut this week at Miami's Art Basel at the Arsenale. The event is "the world’s most insane garage and leading online marketplace dedicated to technology and design advancements in mobility." The Maverick GT showcase will attract attention, especially by viewers eager to see how one platform can convert from a PWC to a RIB to a day boat, and to a charging station. The Maverick name is an ode to a surf spot known as Mavericks Marine Reserve in Northern California, where big-water surfers pilgrimage to ride some of the biggest waves on Earth. It's also the headquarters for founder and serial entrepreneur Nico Sell and the T3MP3ST team of engineers.

In an interview with Robb Report, Sell explains that the Maverick is more than just a PWC, and that its Lego-like ability to be reconfigured provides incredible functionality. Sell has an admitted distrust in the stability of the electrical grid, so the Maverick was made not only self-sufficient, but also capable of powering other electric devices. In other words, the Maverick is an energy platform that can be used for boating, but also for powering cars, homes, and trailers. In the event of a grid failure, it can be used to power a home or RV for up to a month, and its batteries can be swapped out and used elsewhere like an electric car or solar charging station. With access to solar panels, the batteries can constantly be recharged and swapped for continual use in the PWC or in other machines. The batteries are nearly the same size as those on a Tesla Model 3 and can be recharged to 80% in about 45 minutes.

According to Sell, “I don’t trust the grid and have been working on a solution for a long time now,” she says. “The T3MP3ST Energy Platform was born from this inspiration. When not in use, the Jet RIB can power a home for a week of typical use, a month in an emergency, and with solar panels, forever.”

“I built the jet ski to solve this (energy) problem for myself. I built the company to solve this problem for everyone.”

As a big-water surfer, Sell wanted to build a PWC that could tow-in surfers to places like Mavericks while also providing a utility for green energy use. The two-seater GT uses a 350 horsepower 3D-printed electric engine that puts it on par with high-performance gas-powered PWC's like the Belassi Hypercraft. Its range is expected to be 50-100 miles (80-160 km) on a 100 kWh modular battery. The PWC is convertible into into a jet RIB by simply driving into the RIB platform from the rear and attaching itself. Other features include fly-by-wire steering, digital display, and a "cinema mode" for recording surfing or fishing action, leading Sell to call it "the world's smallest yacht."

The PWC alone carries a $150,000 pricetag and the complete platform including the full RIB package tops out at roughly $500,000. But despite the steep price, its performance capabilities make it the ideal tow-craft in big water, and its utility will make it appealing as a superyacht tender, cottage toy, off-grid coastal survival tool, or as a '3-for-1' boat platform that provides users recreational options from solo PWC trips to family social cruising on the RIB.

“It’s longer and has more of a deeper-V than your average jet ski, with a larger swim platform for the surfers,” says J. David Weiss, a US superyacht designer brought in by Sell and cofounder Axel Halvorssen. “The design will cut through waves much more readily than what’s on the market.”

The RIB section is being built by a French manufacturer for T3MP3ST and will feature twin 25 horsepower motors. The RIB will be available as a basic tow-in version for hauling surfers and as a "party version" with eight seats and a social layout.

In the interview with Robb Report, Sell and the T3MP3ST team say they will announce the company's next phase at the Miami Arsenale show. The first demo model is expected to be ready in February, and the company has plans to manufacture their own lithium ion batteries. They will also be setting up sales offices in Miami and Monaco to make their products more readily available to the luxury yacht market.

“We looked at the market and saw a need for this,” says Halvorssen. “There’s nothing like it out there. It’s a whole different kind of beast.”

You can follow the Maverick GT's progress on the T3MP3ST Instagram page.

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