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'Hypercraft' PWC with 320 Horsepower Goes 0-60 In Under 4 Seconds

By: Scott Way

2021 Belassi Burrasca PWC
The 2021 Burrasca will go 0-60 mph in under 4 seconds

The latest from Austrian PWC builder Belassi is going to turn some heads. The latest iteration of their Burrasca model is advertising figures that have gotten it dubbed a 'hypercraft' and "the world's fastest PWC." It would seem there's some merit to those statements.

There's just one kicker: you can't get one in North America. Yet.

The handbuilt carbon fiber Burrasca takes inspiration from the sleek stylings of Italian motorcyles and luxury sportscars, and evidently that's come through in the manufacturing as well. The Burrasca, which is Italian for "storm," is painstakingly crafted from over 2000 individual components, most of which are made from race-grade ultralight carbon fiber. Those lightweight features combined with a turbocharged 1602 cc 3-cylinder engine and quad-exhaust system produce a staggering 320 hp and a top speed of 74 mph. Even more impressive, the Burrasca boasts a 0-60 mph holeshot under 4 seconds and can generate up to 3 g's of force while cornering. Quite a storm on the water, indeed.

If that doesn't get your attention, integrated dual screen displays with integrated GPS will keep you updated on your route and show the forces your body is undergoing with a built-in g-meter.

The spoiler, exhaust covers, side covers, and seat frame are all comprised of 3k carbon fiber and are allegedly made in the same factory that supplies similar parts to Lamborghini and Ferrari. The hull itself was partially designed by ISJBA World Champion racer György Kasza.

“Part of creating something special is to make a product less industrialized—that’s why the Burrasca is handcrafted,” the company said in a statement. “The lines of the Burrasca are sharp, stunning and instantly recognizable.” Those standout features also made the Burrasca the winner of the 2021 Red Dot Design Award.

Other perks include your choice of unlimited exterior colours, adjustable driving modes, cruise control, and a boost meter.

The Burrasca is currently only available in Europe and Asia, but that could change soon. The other hiccup might be the agreement amongst North American manufacturers to limit PWC's to under 65 mph. That will be tough to accommodate, however. That's like importing a Ferrari and limiting it to a 4-cylinder engine.

Should Bellasi PWC's reach North American shores, it's likely to cost a pretty penny. Much like an Italian sportscar, the high-end Burrasca will draw a boutique pricepoint. It's currently priced around €50,000 ($65,000 USD) before importation and fees, but there will certainly be interested buyers if there's a chance to ride a 'hypercraft' PWC in North American waters.

Check out what the new Burrasca is capable of in the video below:

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