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Safe Summer Boating - It Starts With The Equipment Checklist

By: BoatBlurb Staff

The Ottawa Police are representing Canada for Safe Boating Awareness Week by encouraging boaters to adopt safe boating procedures. Preparation before hitting the water is the easiest way to ensure safe while underway and compliant with the law. This year Ottawa Police are promoting 6 simple tips all boaters can use to ensure safety and compliance. All of their tips can be easily adopted with the use of a pre-trip checklist. You can download and print a pre-trip checklist for free from great sites like Adding a float plan is also smart to ensure the necessary people are aware of your trip plans and when you're expected to return. You can also download and print a free float plan online.

These are the 6 most common issues the Ottawa Police encounter while boarding recreational vessels:

1) PFD use and proper fitment (for example, inflatable PFD's have a C02 cartridge with an expiration date)

2) Ensuring there are enough PFD's for everyone on board

3) Ensuring there is a proper safety kit (which includes a paddle, floating rope, flashlight, whistle, and bailing device)

4) Alcohol related infractions (regulations vary by province/country but in Ontario alcohol is not permitted on board unless a vessel has a functioning galley, sleeping quarters, or is docked/anchored for the night)

5) The vessel operator has proper licensing (In Ontario all operators must have a Pleasure Craft Operator's Card)

6) Ensuring all vessels have the correct registration and have a visible hull ID

If you are unsure about the laws/regulations in your area you can get info from Transport Canada or the US Coast Guard.

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