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Safe Boating Awareness Week - May 22nd-28th 2021

It's Safe Boating Awareness Week! From May 22nd-28th the industry will be reaching out across North America to promote safe practices across all forms of boating. 2021 will be different from past years for obvious reasons, but with impending openings industry-wide proper safety procedures are more important than ever. Boaters will be subject to social distancing regulations at all public locations, and mandates throughout summer 2021 will likely see changes as the season wears on. There is a high level of anticipation to get the season started, but cold air and cold water are still ongoing concerns, which means all boaters should check your safety equipment to ensure they're prepared before you departure. Now is also a good time for all captains to revisit their pre-season startup programs, as well as revisit safety protocols with their crew. For more information about getting prepared this season we have a section of helpful resources on our site. Please join BoatBlurb, the CSBC, and all recreational boaters this week by encouraging safe boating practices. Let's make the most of the season ahead.

For Canadians, the Canadian Safe Boating Council has a full list of free resources you can download/view to help you this summer. If you're in the US, the Safe Boating Campaign also has many great free resources.

From the CSBC:

"Boating is not quite into full gear yet, with some areas of the country open and some soon to open. Because many are getting onto the water in time for Safe Boating Awareness week, we want to remind you of not just our 5 key messages for boating safely, we will also want you to keep in mind recommendations related to physical distancing and who should be and not be on your boat."

For 2021, the CSBC and the industry at large will be promoting 5 key issues: wearing your lifejacket/PFD, boating sober, being prepared, taking a boating course, and cold water boating risks. You can get more information about each topic in the videos below:

1) Wearing Your Life Jacket/PFD

2) Boating Sober

3) Preparation & The Pre-Trip Checklist

4) Taking A Boating Course

5) Cold Water Boating Risks

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