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Porsche & Frauscher Finally Reveal Crossover Fantom Sportboat

Frauscher x Porsche 850 eFantom Air
Frauscher x Porsche 850 eFantom Air will use Porsche's Macan electric drive technology

The epic collab between luxury builders Frauscher Shipyard and Porsche is finally complete.

Rumours about what the collaboration could yield have been been ongoing since June when the first renderings were released.

The all-new Frauscher x Porsche 850 eFantom Air was developed in partnership to craft a unique crossover that melds the automotive and marine industries. It carries an LOA of 8.67 m (28'3") with a 2.49 m (8'2") beam.

Even more, the boat integrates Porsche's forthcoming Macan electric motor technology to give the all-electric luxury dayboat some of the highest performance available on the electric boat market.

The new platform was recently showcased on Italy's Lake Garda for international media.

“This boat is the result of a great collaboration between two passionate companies with a strong tradition and a high standard of innovation,” said Detlev von Platen, Member of the Board of Management for Sales and Marketing at Porsche AG, during a presentation at Lake Garda.

“The eFantom offers everything that Frauscher and Porsche products have always promised: outstanding performance and luxurious experiences, the highest quality and exclusive, timeless design.”

Feature-wise, the boat uses components of the Premium Platform Electric (PPE) on which the new Macan is based. This includes what's called a "permanently excited synchronous electric motor" (PSM), whose peak power for use in the eFantom has been limited to 400 kW.

According to Frauscher, a shaft transmits the power from the electric motor to the marine Z-drive. The electric motor sits in the back of the boat while the controls are housed in a waterproof box. The lithium-ion battery offers a gross capacity of 100 kWh, same as the Macan, and is also located under the lounge area at the rear end.

For the suspension in the support frame, Porsche opted for wire rope mounts, which absorb the shocks that inevitably occur while driving fast and in waves.

Similar to Porsche vehicles, the 850 Fantom Air has pre-programmed driving modes that can be selected depending on water and weather conditions and the boat's current application. The driving modes include Docking, Range, Sport, and Sport Plus settings. The modes change the characteristic curve of the throttle response while also featuring different speed limits. For example, in Docking mode for harbour driving, the speed is limited to eight knots (15 km/h).

Cruising speed for the new platform is advertised as 41 km/h (22 kn) -- which offers a battery runtime of about one hour or about 45 km (28 miles). When driving at hull speed, ranges of more than 100 kilometres (62 miles) are possible. The top speed is reached in Sport Plus mode and is capped at 85 km/h (46 kn).

The 800 volt battery technology comes from Porsche, and can be charged with over 250 kW of DC current at DC fast-charging stations. Under ideal conditions, the battery can be charged from 10% to 80% in under 30 minutes. There is also an 11-kW AC charger on board as standard.

At the helm, users will appreciate a standard 12" multifunction display alonside a high-end audio system with Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity. An echo sounder and chart plotter are also integrated into the digital display. A bow thruster simplifies mooring and casting off, and the boat will come standard with an electric stainless steel anchor with stainless steel chain, LED ambient lighting, LED underwater lighting, and a cooling compartment.

The boat will make its first public appearance at Boot Düsseldorf in January 2024.

You can see the new eFantom in action in the video below:

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