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World Record Alert - The World's Tallest Sailing Yacht is Coming to the High Seas

Move over Koru, your time atop the sailing yacht wave has crested.

The Jeff Bezos-owned Koru has been considered the world's tallest sailing yacht since launching last year. The Amazon icon commissioned the record-setting boat to be 417 feet long (127 m) with masts as high as 280 feet (85 m). It was built by Oceanco in the Netherlands and has been the subject of much media attention, as you might expect.

Not only is Koru massive, it also has a chaperone in the form of Abeona, her astonishingly large 246-foot (75 m) support vessel.

But Kona's time in the record books is already over thanks to the recently launched Project 411 by Royal Huisman, also known as "Noir."

Somehow, engineers have found a way to build Project 411 at only 264 feet in length (80 m) with an eye-popping mast height of 305 feet (93 m). It will officially earn the title of "world's tallest sloop."

“The capabilities of Royal Huisman can be seen in various ways, with no doubt the most important proof point being that we are selected by knowledgeable owners as the builder for their incredible and unique yachts. I am pleased and humbled that we can highlight Royal Huisman’s 140th year of operation with the announcement of such a significant project,” said CEO Jan Timmerman in a press release.

"Project 411 will be our fourth yacht in the ranks of world’s Top 10 largest sailing yachts,” he added.

To get some perspective about how tall a 305-foot mast is, consider this:

The Statue of Liberty is 305.1 feet high. The famous clocktower Big Ben in England is 310 feet high.

Noir will have masts that are 305 feet high.

That means that theoretically Noir could block out the view of Lady Liberty if she anchored in New York Harbour.

That's a big boat.

The mammoth yacht was designed by British naval architect Malcolm McKeon, whose portfolio includes epic designs for a variety of explorer yachts, motor yachts, and even chase boats.

Noir is designed to highlight the company's contemporary style and serve as "the ultimate expression of personal freedom.”

Some of her standout features will include a reverse bow to maximize the ship's waterline length, and a series of folding platforms that will allow guests to connect the flybridge to the open deck. She is also specifically sized to carry a 45-foot (14 m) tender to allow coastal exploration and to transport guests and provisions without having to reposition the yacht closer to a harbor.

Another interesting feature is that her entire hull and superstructure will be made from aluminum to reduce weight and increase speed. The ongoing trend towards aluminum over steel is continuing to gain momentum. She will also be built with electric drives to offer supplementary power when not under sail.

As for her name, Noir is an ode to her planned dark exterior and interior. The project calls for all her deck gear to be black, and will likely include further black details to complement the colour scheme.

Details of the yacht’s interior are under wraps currently, but the design is being developed by GCA Architects of Barcelona, Spain. Their list of projects include Spain’s first “smart” building and the world’s first platinum-certified LEED structure. Designer Josep Juanpere Miret said the interior will complement the exterior styling and will mix woods and other natural materials and textures for a "relaxed yet luxurious atmosphere."

There is currently no timeline for the launch of Noir, but sailing yachts typically take in excess of two years to build. You can expect to see Noir ready for sea trials in 2025.

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