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Nautique Launches All-New G-Series for 2021

As the rush to get 2021 products to market begins to build, Nautique has jumped into the fray by announcing the launch of the all-new 2021 Super Air Nautique G-Series. They also unveiled a new website and virtual boat builder that allows customers to design and order their own custom G-series boat. The G-series was originally launched in 2012, and the latest rendition will see another step towards a wakesurf package that's truly unrivaled among its peers. Improvements have been made to the layout and its functionality at the transom, helm, and bow.

According to Steve Carlton, Chief Designer and Director of PD&D, "When it came to creating the next generation of the G-Series, the 2021, we knew we had to do something that would make it worthy of having the G-series badge. And for us, the elements that we need to put into that, to achieve that, are really that it has to have exceptional function and performance, the refinement has to be unparalleled, and lastly we needed to have that visual signature that is unique to this product. When you first lay your eyes on the G-series, we wanted everything to absolutely light up everything under your skin."

While much of the layout is what riders have come to expect in the G-series, some time in R&D gradually inspired a subtle revision from tip to tail: "As we considered the elements of the recipe that were successful in the original G-series, we realized that we wanted to keep the layout. That was something that really worked well. As we looked at the layout though, we realized that there were some things we could do on the transom to make it a little bigger. We still wanted to retain that yacht feel that it had on the previous G-series, but we wanted to open that up a bit. And as we worked through that we found different opportunities to create some fantastic transom seating, and we now have larger and more ergonomic transom seating than we've ever had on a G-series."

Next came to refinements to the helm inspired by Nautique's other keynote series, the Paragon: "when it came time to create the new helm, our team was really focused on trying to bring forward some of the elements that we had put into the Paragon. The user interface that we have in the Paragon was something that we definitely wanted to have in the G-series. They were just such radical improvements."

"When it came to the bow, we had this lineage with the G where we had gone from our more traditional bow that we had before, to more of this blunt nosed type design where we have more space. As we looked at this, we wanted to create even more space, and so from the windshield forward we were actually able to open the front of the boat up an additional 14" over what we previously had."

The Nautique team of designers and engineers have, in essence, taken an already reputed wakesurf platform and refined it for even bigger waves, smoother performance, and the ultimate experience in comfort.

With the G-Series residing in close proximity to Nautique's standout Paragon package, potential buyers will be pleased to see a helpful instructional video to help them understand the difference between each in relation to potential needs vs. wants:

“The all-new G-Series is poised once again to redefine the expectations of a wake boat,” said Nautique President, Greg Meloon. “Building on the storied accomplishments of the previous generations, this new G23 and G25 are sure to carry the torch as they outperform anything else available on the market today. The next generation is here.”

We've covered some of Nautiques other technological breakthroughs from this year, including the all-new G23 Paragon. You can also take a 360 virtual tour of the 2020 Paragon.

They also offer some of the best digital shopping experiences out there, which includes an all-new website and virtual boat builder for 2021. To find new and used Nautique Boats nearest you visit

You can get the full video breakdown of the new G-Series below:

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