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Virtual Tours: Four Surf Boats Tossing Big Wakes in 2020

By: Scott Way

2020 Moomba Kaiyen
The 2020 Moomba Kaiyen


If you're looking to look catch huge waves this summer, there are enough options hitting the market to ensure you won't be stuck riding old-school ripples from lesser craft. There are some impressive wake and surf boats hitting the market from respected names this year, including Nautique, Mastercraft, Malibu, and Moomba. Despite their alphabetical proximity, these 4 boats should only be classified as distant cousins. Each brings unique features to the wave, variability in pricing and options, and caters to watersports enthusiasts of varying taste and function. What do they have in common? Each offers an alluring package that fits individual boaters needs who are looking to maximize their favorite on-water activity. With everything from customizable wave settings, impressive power output, personalized interior and exterior options, and the ability to use a virtual boat builder, deciding between these 4 boats makes for one heck of a fun process. Let's take a look at 4 sport boats that you could be surfing behind in 2020:

2020 Malibu 23 MXZ
The 2020 Malibu 23 MXZ

Malibu calls the 23 MXZ a 'tech-forward' design with a pickle-fork bow, which are two terms alone that get my attention. The MXZ stands for 'Maximized,' and if you spend time looking at the spec list you'll understand why. With a 3170 lb ballast linked to impressive wave technology, maximizing your waves is part and parcel in this package. The Stern Turn ™ electric thruster is a handy feature for maneuvering that you won't find elsewhere because its integration into the stern swim platform is definitely unique. Malibu doesn't refer to the helm as a helm, it's a 'Command Center' that uses mOS (Malibu operating system) technology to give you a fully intuitive touch screen interface. Sitting at the command center while you toss impressive wakes out the back isn't a bad way to spend your days. Check out the virtual tour below to envision it for yourself:

Length- 23'

Beam- 102"

Draft- 34"

Weight- 5400 lbs.

Fuel Capacity- 220 / 58 gal

Ballast- 3170 lbs

Horsepower- 360-600 hp w/options

(*Double-click to zoom in on specific area)

2020 Moomba Kaiyen
The 2020 Moomba Kaiyen

One of the neat features about the Moomba Kaiyen is it utilizes a 6.2L Ford Raptor Indmar engine. If you're a Ford driver, that might influence you to tow this boat behind your ride. Moomba's trademark AutoWake® technology is well-engineered and straightforward, and when coupled with the Flow 3.0 actuator plate at the stern and the surprisingly large 3700 ballast, it delivers a consistent wake and a balanced boat. The Wet Sounds marine audio system is pretty thumping if you need to get psyched up for the next pass, and the LED lights on the tower make for an eye-turner when you're cruising. Overall, the Kaiyen is a solid package that doesn't come with a pricetag typically requiring a deep breath and a double take. In short, it boasts impressive style and great value for a boat in its category. To see how it stacks up against other wake boats, check out the virtual tour below:

Length- 21'5"

Beam- 103"

Draft- 28"

Weight- 4500 lbs.

Fuel Capacity- 170 L / 45 gal

Ballast- 3700 lbs

Horsepower- 400 hp w/options

(*Double-click to zoom in on specific area)

2020 Mastercraft NXT20
The 2020 Mastercraft NXT20

Mastercraft rides pretty consistently in the top tier of the wakeboat category, and the NXT20 is a good illustration of their expertise. The NXT20 isn't even their signature wakeboat model, but it's loaded with luxury features and intelligent design packed into a compact garage-friendly layout. The NXT20 sports an Ilmor 6.0L 320 HP engine (with 60 more HP than its predecessor), a signature Mastercraft Vector Drive hull design, and a large ballast for the size at 1770 lbs.. Put that all together and what do you get? A versatile boat that tosses a solid wake with the Gen 2 Surf System and doubles as an all-around leisure craft. They list the color options as 'infinite' and if you use their virtual boat builder, you'll see that infinite rings true when you're crafting your vision for fun on the lake. To see how much Mastercraft managed to get into the versatile NXT20, check out the virtual tour:

Length- 20'

Beam- 96"

Draft- 27"

Weight- 3970 lbs.

Fuel Capacity- 178L / 47gal

Ballast- 1770 lbs

Horsepower- 320-360 w/options

(*Double-click to zoom in on specific area)

2020 Super Air Nautique G23 Paragon
The 2020 Super Air Nautique G23 Paragon

The G3 Paragon came in at #3 on our Top 5 Most Innovative Boats of 2020 list, so suffice to say we've had our eye on it. It's one impressive package. Pricetag included, the G32 Paragon is an attention getter. Fully customizable in every conceivable way, including the ability to use a virtual boat builder to design your dream boat, purchasing a Nautique is an experience all its own. The cockpit on the G23 is dubbed a more attractive and alluring 'helm command', but the dual 12.4" LINC Panoray displays make for a space-age layout allowing you to change wave settings on the fly. The faceted hull is distinctly Nautique, and every inch of the interior is a testament to fastidious detail and craftsmanship. If you're looking for a one-of-a-kind watersports boat that is loaded with every conceivable amenity known to boaters, you'll be taking a serious gander at the G32 Paragon.

Length- 23'

Beam- 102"

Draft- 30.5"

Weight- 7200 lbs.

Fuel Capacity- 246L / 65 gal

Ballast- 2200 lbs

Horsepower- 600 hp w/options

(*Double-click to zoom in on specific area)

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