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MasterCraft to Launch “Super-Premium” Pontoon Brand

MasterCraft pontoon 2025
MasterCraft says a new pontoon boat brand it intends to launch for MY2025 will appeal to luxury buyers looking for styling and amenities beyond what it offers in its existing Crest line-up

MasterCraft Boat Holdings has confirmed plans to introduce a new pontoon boat brand for the 2025 model year that will focus on the high end of the market.


“Think of it as a super-premium product,” said MasterCraft CEO, Fred Brightbill.

“This new brand will be focused on targeting an affluent customer with an elevated on-water and in-water experience. We will be launching the brand to consumers in the spring.”


The as-yet unnamed luxury boat brand will offer amenities and features beyond those available on the company’s existing Crest pontoon lineup, said Brightbill, although it will be manufactured at the existing Crest boat plant in Michigan. That facility received a $1 million upgrade in 2021.


“Because of its premium, almost ultra-premium positioning, we felt it was appropriate to have new, distinct branding,” said Brightbill.

“In terms of price points it will touch on the upper end of Crest, so there’s some minor overlap, but it's going to be positioned completely differently. The Crest product line is very broad, and covers a wide range of price points, including luxury models which will continue to be offered and developed. But the new brand will be very different, and will have unique, separate positioning and styling.”


Brightbill won’t share any further details just yet, but watch this space for more information as soon as it’s released. #news #products #mastercraft

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