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How to Turn a Sea-Doo Spark Into a Full-On Water Go-Kart

EvoJet PWC
Photo- Bomb Photography / EvoJet

If you've ever been on a PWC, it probably didn't take you long to realize it's fun being on a PWC. Find me a person who hopped off and said "you know what? Not for me" and I'll show you a liar.

On that note, the PWC world has been making some significant gains the last few years. The machines are faster, with sharper turning, quicker acceleration, and all-around more fun. Now, let's sidetrack to jet boats for a moment. Have you ever been on a racing jet boat? Or even a mini-jet boat? They're an absolute riot, but really they're not much different than a PWC except for one crucial detail -- a steering wheel.

Most small racing jet boats use a steering wheel and employ a roll cage, which in turn makes them pretty similar to a go-kart for the water. An apt description, I think.

Now a company called American Jet Concept is bridging the gap between PWC's and racing jet boats with the "Spark Evo Jet."

At its core, the Spark Evo Jet is a modification kit for a Sea-Doo Spark that allows for the installation of a bucket seat, roll cage, and steering wheel. And there we have it -- go-karting on the water.

The kit does away with the lame jet ski seat and replaces it with a full-fledged racing-style bucket seat. It also tosses out the handlebars in favour of a steering wheel with throttle and electronic reverse triggers on either side. If you're handy and adventurous, you can buy the kit and tack it onto your Sea-Doo Spark yourself, or you can buy a completed Evo Jet directly from American Jet Concept. The conversion kit includes a bucket seat and bracket, a new top deck, a steering wheel with cable, triggers, and a foot rest, an 11-gallon aluminum gas tank, a roll cage, and all the hardware required. The coolest part? The conversion is reversible, so there's no cutting or modifying done to the original Spark platform.

Power-wise, the Spark is offered with either a 60 horsepower or 90 horsepower Rotax 900 ACE engine. With the standard Spark 60 hp platform, the top speed is around 42 mph. With the 90 platform, the engine tops out around 48 mph. But, with the EvoKet kit, it bumps up the horsepower to 120 on the original 90 hp platform, creating a top speed around 53 mph. It should be noted that doing the engine mod will void your engine warranty, so make sure you're devoted to the mission before you start making tweaks to get that extra 5 mph.

Some of the other radical perks to the EvoJet include a much cooler appearance. Not that the Spark isn't neat, but the kit lower the H-point and the center of gravity significantly, which helps provide the extra performance traits and better cornering ability. If ever there was an excuse to start an on-water g-karting league, this would should be.... spark.

Now, it's not all sunshine and holeshots with the EvoJet, because it ain't cheap. The kit will run you about $8500 U.S., which in some cases is more than the Spark itself. There's also the matter of doing the conversion yourself, and the risk of voiding your warranty. You can always buy direct from American Jet Concept and bypass all the hassles, and that will run you roughly $15,000 for the 60 hp platform, and about $16,000 for the 90 hp setup. If you go for the gusto with the 120 hp upkick, that'll set you back about $18,000.

All in all, is the price worth it? Watch the video below and tell me you didn't just check your credit balance.

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