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Forza X1 Introduces Electric-Powered Monohull Boat

An emerging electric boat builder in North Carolina is prepping to dazzle the public in Florida.

Forza X1, Inc, currently based out of Fort, North Carolina but set to reopen a new manufacturing facility, is hosting an invitational event in West Palm Beach on July 8th to offer sea trials, interactive experiences, and presentations of its technology.

The company will also be revealing the new Forza F-22 Center Console at the event. The new model will be produced once their new manufacturing facility in Marion County, North Carolina, is completed. Forza expects to be able to produce 600 units per year at the facility.

“The Forza F-22 is designed and built from the ground up, to meet the needs and wants of today’s boater—an affordable boat that is easy to operate and maintain, with no fuel costs or fumes,” said Jim Leffew, CEO and President of Forza X1, Inc., in a company statement.

Leffew has an extensive resume in the marine industry with Maverick Boats but took the helm at Forza at the courting of Joseph Visconti, the Executive Chairmen and Chief of Product Development at Forza.

“I was skeptical at first, being an internal combustion guy,” said Leffew, “But when I saw the potential, I jumped


“We have fully-integrated this boat from its construction and battery system to its motor and propulsion to make day-boating peaceful, simple and fun for the whole family.”

“Research shows that most boaters travel nine miles or less as they go to the sandbar or restaurant hopping,”

ays Visconti. “We have created the ideal day boat, at an achievable entry-level price that also respects the

environment and saves fuel costs.”

The timing of the event also comes on the heels of Forza announcing a massive purchase order from OneWater Marine, Inc. on June 12th. OneWater, one of the largest marine retailers in the U.S., is set to purchase 100 units of the new F-22. The order consists of 50 center console variations, and 50 dual console variations. The order is expected to generate upwards of $12 million USD in revenue for Forza.

As for the new F-22, Forza will design and manufacture the entirety of the bout in-house -- the only off-site component will be batteries derived from American Battery Solutions. The hull, motor, and all components will be built and installed by Forza. The battery management system will be linked with a mobile app, allowing owners to monitor and manage their boat's usage through the app.

The electric motors used by Forza have been developed in partnership with Cascadia Motion, an automotive electric propulsion company, to be oriented vertically, rather than horizontally. The configuration also includes a compact inverter to convert AC and DC power between the batteries and motor to allow the stacking of motors, resulting in a single stack 180 HP version that runs on two batteries, as well as a double stack 300 HP model that uses four batteries.

Forza is developing its own lower unit and trim, sizing the liquid-cooled drive train and mechanical components for the highest horsepower to optimize customers’ need for intermittent peak performance and range. The new F-22 has a top speed of 40 mph but can offer a longer runtime of 4-5-hours at speeds of 20-30 mph.

The F-22 also includes a host of fishing features to add additional versatility, including a 26-gallon livewell (100 L) and a 36-quart (34 L) cooler molded into the center console. It also includes an anodized aluminum leaning post with comfortable two-person helm seating, rod holders, cup holders, and a rocket launcher on the T-top. The helm features a digitally controlled throttle, JL Audio sound system controls, and a 22” motor interface developed with Garmin using touch screen controls. The proprietary digital system includes motor performance, battery levels,, geopositioning, autopilot and a telematics portal. Other standout features include an upholstered forward facing bow lounge and a console bench with storage beneath, a transom ladder for water access, and a fold-down aft deck bench to provide extra seating.

A short 16” draft makes the boat ideal for sandbars and beaches while the 8’ 6” beam provides room to move around the 22’ hull.

The base price for the boat is estimated at $120,000 USD.

“The mission of FORZA X1 is simple--to inspire the adaptation of electric-powered boats

worldwide by creating stylish and affordable electric boats…marine electrification is the future of recreational

boating," added Visconti.

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Emily Adamson
Emily Adamson
Jun 24, 2023

Thank you for an interesting article! I love the sea and everything connected with it. I love travel.

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