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Cruisers Yachts Expanding to Build Larger Boats

2023 Cruisers Yachts 50 GLS
The current flagship Cruisers Yachts 50 GLS

North American stalwart Cruisers Yachts is expanding in order to build larger boats.

The Oconto, Wisconsin manufacturer has long held a sterling reputation in the central U.S. and Canada thanks to their penchant for quality midsize to larger cruisers catered to the Great Lakes market.

The news comes on the heels of several big moves from the company. They were acquired by MarineMax in mid-2021 for $63 million, which many considered a surprising move. The Florida-based MarineMax is the world's largest recreational boat and yacht retailer.

The momentum from the sale, despite occuring during the height of the pandemic, carried into 2022 when Cruisers announced an impressive all-new flagship 50 GLS at Fort Lauderdale.

Now it appears Cruisers Yachts will enter another chapter of expansion with the announcement of a new 56,000 square foot manufacturing facility.

Mark Pedersen, President of Cruisers Yachts, said in a company statement: "One of our core values is to look to the long term, and this expansion project is a testament to that belief. We have been looking to expand since we acquired the Pulaski facility in 2021. That plant is designed to build larger yachts, and this expansion provides us with a facility that aligns with our New Product Development plans for the next five years."

Of note in the statement is Cruisers intention to build larger yachts. Cruisers currently offers two lines of boats, the Cantius series and GLS series, both of which have been gradually increasing in size and popularity over the last few years.

The expansion will introduce two new production lines with the capability to accommodate yachts of up to 75 feet in any style.

MarineMax, for its part, currently has several larger yacht brands under its brokerage portfolio in North America including Aquila, Azimut, Bertram, Galeon, MJM Yachts, and more.

The company said the expansion comprises several key areas, each designed to enhance production and accommodate larger vessels:

Assembly: A brand-new production line spanning 10,893 square feet will feature increased ceiling heights, enabling the assembly of larger yachts. Upholstery: With an expanded footprint of 4,300 square feet, this section will facilitate increased production capabilities, ensuring every yacht bears the hallmark of luxury. Metal/Maintenance: Boasting a generous 15,120 square feet, this area will see increased capacity, providing the company with the ability to expand production and maintain the highest standards. • Warehouse: Spanning a substantial 25,749 square feet, the warehouse will see the addition of new loading docks and expanded storage capacity, streamlining operations and ensuring efficient inventory management. • Chemical Storage Building: A dedicated 1,200-square-foot chemical storage building will be incorporated for the safekeeping of essential materials. Expanded Outdoor Cold Storage: This expansion will allow Cruisers Yachts to securely store materials and parts outdoors, further optimizing the production process.

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