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Brunswick Corporation Continues Accelerated Expansion with Purchase of SemahTronix

By: Scott Way

Brunswick Corporation continues its recent tear of acquisitions. The industry leader has been purchasing companies at breakneck speed, and this week announced another addition to their electric portfolio with the purchase of SemahTronix.

SemahTronix is a manufacturer of high-complexity wiring harnesses for advanced systems products in the marine, mobile, and defense industries. Their purchase will see them added to Brunswick's burgeoning Advanced Systems Group (ASG), which has already had several major acquisitions in 2021 alone. With Brunswick and its subsidiary Mercury Marine making major investments in prospective electric products, with an aim to release electric outboards by 2023, the purchase of SemahTronix is likely a maneuver to make the industry conglomerate almost entirely self-sufficient in terms of materials and components for electric development.

Just last week Brunswick acquired RELiON Batteries to further compliment their electric power ambitions.

Brunswick's Advanced Systems Group (ASG) has been undergoing rapid growth in recent months and has set lofty goals to develop advanced batteries, digital control and monitoring, and power development components for the marine industry.

According to Brett Dibkey, Advanced Systems Group president, "The acquisition of SemahTronix immediately enhances our integrated systems offerings by providing our ASG Connect organization and our global customers with access to high-quality, large, complex electrical wire harnessing systems that further enable our end-to-end systems solutions and capabilities. Adding SemahTronix will allow us the ability to vertically integrate, offering a higher degree of quality control and faster lead time, and aligns with our mission to expand within the rapidly growing system integration market and create opportunities for further growth in adjacent markets.”

SemahTronix is located in Flippin, Arkansas and specializes in wiring harnesses for a variety of industries, including aviation, communications, and military defense. They currently have contracts with notable companies including BAE Systems, a British aerospace company, and Lockheed Martin, the well-known American arms and defense manufacturer.

“A key growth strategy for the Advanced Systems Group and our ASG Connect organization is to provide turnkey solutions that offer superior quality and fully integrated systems to reaffirm our position as the go-to trusted partner in the marketplace,” said Daniel Clarkson, General Manager, ASG Connect. “The addition of SemahTronix complements our strategy to deliver seamless end-to-end integration for our global channel partners.”

As Brunswick continues its investment in electric hardware there are likely to be significant changes to their product offerings beginning in 2022. Terms of the deal were not disclosed.

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