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Boating & Camping Aboard a 40-Year-Old Restored Lifeboat

We're big fans of Andrew from AYO Fishing.

Any time a person can add another dimension to boating, in this case revamping an abandoned offshore lifeboat, consider us interested.

Nautical types also tend to appreciate bringing old vessels back to life, and it's been an amusing whirlwind watching Andrew restore a 40-year-old enclosed lifeboat that presumably used to be used on oil rigs off the coast of Alabama.

In Part 1 and Part 2, Andrew not only purchased the dilapidated machine but also somehow brought it back to life.

Part 1 was a delightful romp through the purchasing process, and Part 2 was the first water test after some repairs and upgrades.

Which brings us to Part 3- going camping.

As a somewhat avid adventurer (read: I'm good at getting lost where there are trees), and someone who enjoys the water, I appreciate the overlap. Camping and boating aren't all that different, you see. Both are about exploration, freedom, discovery, and creating new memories.

Toss in a tent, a couple s'mores, and maybe some gas fumes from a clunky diesel engine and you're ready for a great weekend.

In Andrew's case, going camp-boating comes with a unique set of challenges, but as it turns out when you combine the two activities you get surprisingly similar results- amazing sunsets overlooking the water, a chance to toss a line in the water, a not-so-comfy sleeping experience, and great times with friends.

Check out Part 3 of Andrew's epic adventure below:

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