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Buying a 64-Person Lifeboat Off Facebook Marketplace (Part Two)

A couple weeks ago we brought you the joyous tale of AYO Fishing buying a 64-person lifeboat from Facebook marketplace.

AYO Fishing, aka Andrew, is a well-known YouTuber who dabbles in the amusement of all things aquatic.

As the story goes, he stumbled across the decrepit lifeboat for sale in Alabama -- the orange tube having been decommissioned from an oil rig presumably somewhere off the coast of Alabama, although she has marking for Singapore on her hull too.

The boat was quite a sight. A 24,000 lb bargain on Facebook Marketplace begging for a second life. According to the seller, it hadn't been on the water in decades and was basically a project for someone silly enough to attempt to revive her. Enter Andrew.

Off to Alabama he went to buy it, and considering the boat was 40 years old, it was in remarkably good condition. With a couple fresh batteries the old diesel engine turned right over, and it seemed to be watertight. Mostly.

In his latest video, Andrew takes his beloved orange bateau on a water test. There was a little work to be done before heading offshore, though. Namely some fibreglass repair, some work around the hatch seals, and a little once-over to wash away 40 years of sea wash.

We won't spoil it for you, but Andrew does manage to get the old thing up and running. He even claims to have hit 10 mph, which might as well be light speed when you're talking about a 40 year old lifeboat that looks like the Beatles' yellow submarine, just in the wrong colour.

Check out Andrew's water test below.

You can also follow Andrew and AYO Fishing on Facebook and Instagram.

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