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BCI Marine Signs Distribution Agreement for OXE Marine Diesel Outboards

Canada's BCI Marine has announced it will become the Canadian distributor for OXE Marine diesel outboards.

The OXE platform utilizes BMW powerplants to create high-performance marine outboards with significantly lower emissions and higher output than standard gas-powered competitors. The added durability and longevity of the diesel outboard platform has also become increasingly attractive across the industry. OXE offers a range of outboards from 150 hp to 300 hp.

OXE Marine outboards use a patented belt transmission system and are compatible with marine navigation accessories. They are commonly applied in commercial settings due to lower maintenance and better fuel mileage, although they have been part of several recreational boating projects, including partnering with Jet-Tech to build the first diesel outboard waterjet engine.

BCI Marine, meanwhile, are one of Canada's largest marine retailers with an extensive focus on electric power, alternative fuel sources, and environmentally conscious products. The Quebec-based company is the Canadian distributor for prominent electric boat manufacturer X-Shore, as well as a growing portfolio of eco-friendly projects including the development of electric charging infrastructure for recreational boating.

"We are delighted that OXE chose BCI Marine, especially given the excellent relationships we have with dealers from coast to coast," said Patrick Hardy, President and Founder of BCI Marine in a press release.

"OXE promises fuel savings of 40% and a remarkable increase in power and torque! They have been building engines for many years and breakages are almost unheard of. By transforming the outboard engine in this way, OXE Marine is making water travel more sustainable, greener and cheaper, without compromising on reliability, endurance, power or control. The lower fuel consumption makes longer journeys possible."

Currently, OXE engines in Canada are aimed at the security, rescue, tourism, coastguard, towing and infrastructure segments. BCI Marine will now serve the growing demand for diesel outboards in the commercial fishing and remote operations industries who require longevity due to reduced access to service providers.

You can get an inside look at OXE's most powerful motor, the OXE300, in the video below:

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