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'Arc' Electric Wake Boat Adds New Dimension to Growing Market

 2024 Arc Sport electric wakesports boat
The 2024 Arc Sport electric wakesports boat

The inimitable Arc Boats has entered new territory with the launch of their first electric watersports boat.

The California startup, which boasts celebrity investors like Will Smith, Devin Durant, and Sean 'Diddy' Combs, has arguably been the most media savvy company amidst the ongoing electric movement.

After only launching in late 2021 with $30 million in Series A funding, the company quickly completed its first prototype by March 2022. Shortly thereafter, in September 2023, they released their first model, the Arc One. With the sudden availability and popularity of the Arc One, the company quickly sold out production for the initial run of 20 boats. As a result, they announced a factory expansion in December 2023 to help meet demand. Another round of Series B funding in September 2023, to the tune $70 million, then helped pave the way for an entry in watersports.

Arc was cofounded by Mitch Lee and Ryan Cook, both former engineers at SpaceX, while the Series A funding was led by Greg Reichow, the former VP of production at Tesla, and current partner at Eclipse Ventures

Dubbed the Arc Sport, the new wakesports-capable model boasts an impressive 570 horsepower, or 226 kWh of battery power, while producing zero emissions. She will carry an LOA of 23' (7 m) with a 8'6" (2.6 m) beam and a dry weight of 6900 lbs (3130 kg). With a full ballast, total weight will be 9000 lbs (4082 kg).

Notably, while the original Arc One was built with a unique all-aluminum frame and hull, the Arc Sport will be built entirely from fiberglass. The switch in hull materials surprisingly results in a lighter hull than the Arc One, freeing up some of the Arc Sport's power for wakesports.

The 226 kWh battery pack, designed and integrated in-house by Arc, offers not only 5-6 hours of advertised run time, but also the most power and capability thus far among watersports-capable electric boats. Its only noteworthy contender, the Nautique GS22e, which carries the claim of being the world's first electric towboat, offers a 124 kWh battery pack with an advertised runtime of 2-3 hours. For some reference, the Tesla Model Y uses only a 75 kWh battery and pushes 480 hp while weighing 4080 lbs.

According to Arc, the Arc Sport can not only run for 5-6 hours of towing and watersports, it can last all day if cruising at lower speeds. The optimal cruising speed is in the mid-20 mph range, while her top speed is roughly 40 mph, although it's restricted by engine software. Thanks to the greater acceleration provided by electric motors, the company also claims the Arc Sport will have roughly twice the torque as of most premium wake boats. The digital 'intelligent ballast' controls the boat's angle for optimal wave size and shape. A 3-tab surf system helps manage on-water performance, while bow and stern thrusters help make docking a breeze. OTA (over the air) software updates, which are standard among electric cars from Tesla, ensures owners have up-to-date software on their boat. Level 1, 2, and DC fast chargers are all supported, while a full charge can be gained overnight using a Level 2 AC plug.

As for its watersports capability, the Arc Sport features a push-button retractable hardtop tower, which can also adjust the boat’s tow point to generate a smoother ride under less than ideal conditions. Seating for 15 passengers means a large crew can enjoy a day on the water, and a premium JL Audio system falls in line with many of the typical wakesports entertainment packages currently on the market. A built-in transom camera allows users to film their surf sessions.

The Arc Sport is already available for reservation with a $500 non-refundable deposit and is expected to be available in late 2024. The new model will carry an MSRP sarting at $258,000 USD.

You can see the Arc Sport in action below:

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