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YANMAR Partners with Nautique to Introduce New Diesel Engine to Wake Sports

By: Scott Way

In 2018, Yanmar, Mastry, and Nautique announced a collaboration to develop an engine package for wake sports modeled after the YANMAR 8LV370 diesel. The aim was to include custom speed control technology, allowing the engine to communicate with Nautique LINC Panoray control systems. This week, the group announced in a press release that the engine will be the first fully integrated diesel in wake sports. It will be available on the all-new 2021 Super Air Nautique G23 and G25 wake series boats.

Yanmar partnered with its southeast U.S. distributor — St. Petersburg, Fla.’s Mastry Engine Center — to design and develop the components necessary to integrate their engine platform with Nautique's Panoray touchscreens. The LCD displays control and monitor the bulk of the the boat’s operations including speed, wave form, ballast, GPS, and multimedia.

The performance attributes created by the diesel integration focus significantly on impressive low-end torque -- the Yanmar engine boasts 600 lb.-ft behind 370 hp -- allowing for quick take-offs and ample power throughout its power range. The twin-turbo V8 carries a 90 degree V configuration with a stable power range from 550-3800 rpm to allow for smooth acceleration, easy maneuvering, and a high top-end speed.

The added benefits of improved fuel economy compared to standard gas engines, reduced maintenance intervals, and lower emissions, will also encourage riders to consider the changeover. Yanmar diesels recommend service every 250 hours, a number roughly five times longer than standard gasoline engines. Emissions also meet the EPA's tier III CO2 and NOx marine emissions regulations, which in turn translate to low smoke, limited odor, and reduced engine noise.

According to Mastry Engine Center president Kevin Carlan, “Yanmar, Mastry Engine Center and Nautique recognized a premium diesel package would greatly benefit the rapidly-growing wake sports market. We are excited to announce the first fully integrated solution [with] a Yanmar diesel package…It has been developed to work with the industry-leading Zero Off GPS speed control system, integrating with the Nautique display without adding a visible helm component.” 

Yanmar also announced in August they had become a global partner for the 2020 Nautique Wakesurf Series.

You can get a great look at the capabilities of the Yanmar diesel in the G25 below:

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