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Yamaha Releases Updates to Helm Master EX & Introduces New Propeller Line

By: Scott Way

Yamaha XTO EC Propeller Series
The all-new Yamaha XTO EC Propeller Series

Yamaha is releasing updates for the popular Helm Master EX control system as well as unveiling a new line of XTO EC ("Extra Cup") propellers.

The new XTO EC propellers will feature the Yamaha Shift Dampener System, a large diameter blade with large surface area for better grip in certain conditions and performance ranges. Pitch models will include 17", 20", 21", 24" and 25" in both right- and left hand rotation. The new propellers are expected to become available for spring and summer of 2022.

The Helm Master EX upgrade will have a Joystick Station option to control and maneuver boats that are already equipped with Helm Master EX Full Maneuverability. The Lateral Assist feature offers better control under wind and current, and helps to maintain direction when moving laterally in joystick mode. The Pattern Steer feature adds a Williamson Turn and Pattern Search, which also allows for easier operation and more flexibility. There is also a new measurement feature for Distance Remaining -- when using any SetPoint® function with the joystick the display now indicates the total distance requested and the amount of distance remaining in the adjustment. This helps operators know how much additional movement to expect.

“Helm Master EX is the pinnacle of fully integrated digital boat control. These updates expand the system’s features to include improvements and completely new, customer requested capabilities,” said Rob Bradley, Marine Product Specialist in a company statement.

“The new XTO EC prop helps the blades hold water longer for better grip in those applications where ventilation can be an issue. Developed from builder, dealer and customer feedback, these new products further enhance boating experiences for a wide variety of applications.”

Boaters will also have access to a single function Trim Assist button through their Digital Electronic Control (DEC) allowing them to toggle on or off without having to use the gauge. Also, a new Automatic Off Timer powers the system down after one hour without activity.

The Helm Master CL5 and Yamaha Multi-Functional Display Interfaces (MFDI) displays will also now offer Bennett® trim tab settings which show position of the tabs and allow adjustment of the AutoTrim Pro (ATP) setting. Helm Master EX is now also compatible with select Select Furuno® Multi-Functional Displays (MFDs) by connecting a Yamaha MFD Interface with HDMI output to a Furuno® NavNet® TZtouch® 16F or 19F display. This allows users to show Yamaha display information directly on the Faruno MFD.

Existing Helm Master EX customers who wish to upgrade their software and/or hardware can do so through their authorized Yamaha Marine dealers starting in Spring of 2022. #news #products #yamaha #yamahamarine

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