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Yamaha Launches Upgraded 4.2 L V MAX SHO Outboards

By: Scott Way

Yamaha Motor Canada has launched the upgraded 4.2-litre V MAX SHO® outboard with a 40 percent increase in charging capacity.

“Today’s boats have an ever-increasing array of advanced electronics, and boaters want to know their systems have plenty of power to take them wherever they need to go,” said Rob Bradley, Yamaha Motor Canada’s marine product specialist. “The newly upgraded V MAX SHO V6 offers this confidence as battery charging capability increases from 50 to 70 amps.”

The new platform is ideal for tournament anglers and serious boaters with 200, 225, and 250 horsepower options and a unique blend of high performance and fuel economy. Select models will also be available with a 25 inch shaft and an optional isolator for better charging or trolling batteries. The charging system can produce up to 70 gross charging amps, a full 40% increase from earlier iterations. 46 amps of total generator power are produced at 1000 rpm, with a full 50 amps at 2000-6000 rpm. All three models of the 4.2 litre V MAS SHO series will carry a 12% increase in fuel efficiency compared to the 3.3 litre direct injected V MAX series 2-stroke. The increase in output is aided largely by intake valves that are 14% larger and exhaust valves that are 10% larger than the 3.3 litre DOHC system. The V MAX SHO series is also 34 lbs lighter than the V MAX Series 2 models it is replacing.

One of the notable new features is Yamaha's exclusive TotalFit system. With the double tap of the trim button SHO models will move from their current position to full tilt up (or to a limit setting, whichever is lowest) or down to the engagement of trim tabs. For safety, a warning will sound before and during operations, but the system will otherwise serve to perform the action quickly and without unnecessary steps from the operator. TotalFit removes the need to hold the trim button and makes it easier for trailering, or for trimming in shallow or emergency situations.

In terms of performance, the 4.2 litre V MAX SHO will continue to be mechanically operates with hydraulic steering to maintain familiarity and rigging capability with owners and service technicians of existing V MAX SHO outboards. Flexible options for conventional analog gauges are available, as well as cable-driven foot pedal applications. The new engine also incorporates either the new CL5 digital touchscreen display or the CL7 full function MFD.

Yamaha has made several major changes to their engine offering already in 2021, most notably the launch of a new series of V6 Offshore outboards in January, which also included a new line of Saltwater Series II HP propellers and upgrades to the Helm Master EX system.

The new power plants are expected to be available by May 2021 through Yamaha dealers. You can see the entire lineup at Yamaha Motor Canada.

You can also check out the new V MAX SHOW series in action below:

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