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Yamaha Announces All-New JetBlaster WaveRunner and PWC Lineup for 2022

By: Scott Way

2022 Yamaha JetBlaster WaveRunner
The 2022 Yamaha JetBlaster WaveRunner

Yamaha Motor Canada’s Marine Division has unveiled the all-new JetBlaster freestyle PWC for 2022, as well as a host of upgrades to their luxury FX series WaveRunners plus an innovative accessory platform to customize it.

“With more people on the water than ever before and using WaveRunners for everything from all-day touring adventures to watersports, fishing and lounging, we want to make sure everyone can find a watercraft that suits their needs,” said Chris Hawkins, Director of Marine Sales for Yamaha Motor Canada. “The 2022 lineup of WaveRunners and related accessories provide riders with the power and ability to develop their passion for fun on the water.

All-New JetBlaster WaveRunner – "Born to Cause a Little Chaos"

The new JetBlaster is the latest addition to Yamaha's Freestyle Series of PWC's and is designed as a playful, freestyle riding experience. Compared to the other model in the Freestyle Series, the SuperJet®, the JetBlaster will have taller, wider handlebars to create more leverage, performance grips to reduce slippage, and foot chocks at the stern at the end of the footwell to provide a stronger stance and more control during freestyle moves.

The new PWC will also have seating for 1-3 passengers and an overall length of 123" (10'3"). The listed dry weight will be 549 lbs with a 13.2 gallon (50 litre) fuel capacity plus an additional 7.7 gallons (29 litres) of storage space. Engine power will come via a 3-cylinder 4-stroke Yamaha High-Output TR-1 engine pushing 1049 CC's of displacement.

Starting price ranges for 2022 models will begin at $9,999 USD/$14,599 CAD.

Other major highlights for the JetBlaster include:

  • All-new model for 2022

  • Delivers a unique, freestyle riding experience like no other PWC before it

  • Features raised lightweight handlebars for stand-up, solo riding

  • Fitted with foot chocks for a secure stance when riding standing up

  • Comes with custom-tuned electric trim to adjust the handling characteristics from playful to planted

  • Powered by award-winning Yamaha TR-1® HO Marine Engine

  • Rides on high-performance, ultra-light hull

  • Includes RiDE dual throttle control for unmatched maneuverability

Refined 2022 FX Series with Larger Infotainment Screen, Audio Package

Yamaha's extremely popular FX Series will also enjoy a major overhaul for 2022. The best-selling luxury PWC's will now include a 5" or 7" infotainment system with a glass colour touchscreen, a premium factory-installed performance audio system, as well as an optional GPS map card feature that allows operators to add and follow GPS waypoints, record and follow tracks, and create a 'geofence' where the PWC can be operated. The other major upgrades to the FX series for 2022 include:

• Enhanced infotainment system features a 7" colour touchscreen on SVHO models and a 5" colour touchscreen on HO models; provides audio controls, phone and text notifications, GPS-ready mapping, and enhanced Drive Control function

• Premium, factory-installed audio speakers optional on all FX Series models

• New, larger glovebox with a smartphone holder 12V outlet, USB and LED lighting

• Enhanced Drive Control limits top speed, sets acceleration modes, and controls Auto Trim for performance or comfort riding

• New steering column design includes sleeker handlebars, one-button start/stop and two tie-up points

• New ride plate design and sponson location reduce hull packing and bow spray

New, Innovative RecDeck Platform Transforms What You Can Do On the Water

FX series WaveRunners will also enjoy a new accessory line for 2022. The new RecDeck platform integrates with the stern swim platform and includes four clears that connect a variety of accessories. Users can add ladder brackets for a swim ladder, mount a cooler on the stern platform, attach rod holders or other fishing accessories, or add the Multi-Use Rack accessory (sold separately), which expands to fit most coolers while also serving as the sea structure for the Lounge and Beach Seat accessories. Additional accessories for the RecDeck system include the JetFish™ Packages, the Lounging Package and Tow Sports Package.

You can check out the new JetBlaster in the video below:

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