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Yamaha 2024 Lineup Includes New 25' Center Console and 1.9L High-Output Engine for Waverunners

2024 Yamaha FSH Sport H
The 2024 Yamaha FSH Sport H

Yamaha has revealed the entirety of their 2024 lineup including major changes to their Waverunner lineup, the center console FSH series, and their Helm Master EX and DRiVE-X systems.

The 2024 announcement comes on the heels of several well-received moves in 2023, including investing $100 million in AI and digital tech improvements, expanding their existing engine colour options, and launching their highest-powered outboard to date.

Most notably for 2024, Yamaha Waverunners will carry a new engine -- a 1.9L 1898 CC High Output (HO) platform that will replace the existing 1.8L HO motor.

The other major news is the launch of the all-new 25-foot FSH Sport H center console fishing boat. The new Sport H will be the first Yamaha boat to come equipped with the latest Helm Master EX system for low-speed manueverability.

Yamaha's new DRiVE-X technology, launched in late 2023, has been expanded to include the 25-foot 252SD and 255XD boats. The DRiVE system allows the captain to maneuver fore and aft in tight quarters while keeping their hands on the steering wheel by using two paddles on either side of the steering wheel.

“Yamaha continues to leverage technology to build confidence on the water for experienced and new boaters alike, keeping them boating longer and engaged with the Yamaha brand” said Rob Bradley, Marine Product Specialist at Yamaha Motor Canada.

“The introduction of Helm Master EX and expansion of DRiVE X will especially appeal to next-gen boaters, who use similar driver-assist features in their automobiles, while also shorten the learning curve for new boaters and offering a more enjoyable experience for all.”

New 1.9L HO Yamaha Marine Engine

The new 1898cc, four-stroke, four-cylinder, 16-valve High Output marine engine replaces the existing Yamaha 1.8L High Output motor that powers select Yamaha boats and WaveRunners. The new more powerful engine provides quicker and smoother acceleration and a higher top speed. It also features increased displacement, optimized intake and exhaust paths, and a 10% larger throttle body for more power and torque. The engine cover is also one of the first Yamaha-manufactured parts to include plant-derived cellulose nanofiber (CNF) reinforced resin. In addition to being more than 25 percent lighter than existing resin materials, CNF-reinforced resin also has excellent material recyclability, leading to a reduction in plastics used and greenhouse gas emissions, mainly carbon dioxide.

Key Features:

• Charging system reliability is improved by sourcing cooling water for the regulator/rectifier from the cylinder head rather than the exhaust manifold. This helps the 1.9L HO marine engine’s water-cooled regulator/rectifier work at maximum efficiency to power today’s advanced onboard electronics.

• The taper on the new throttle body has been removed for a smoother, crisper throttle response. Additionally, the new throttle body design moves vital electronics inboard for better protection during service procedures.

• New 1.9L HO engine features easier maintenance with a relocated oil fill and thermostat, an easier-to-access crankcase anode, and a new intake manifold design featuring long runners and a flatter outside shape for easier engine removal. The crankcase assembly has a new shape, while a shape change at the cam gear location allows easier access for maintenance and better oil flow throughout the engine for improved lubrication and cooling.

• Yamaha also modernized the look of the new 1.9L HO marine engine with an all-new black anodized engine cover and exhaust manifold for a sleek, powerful, high-performance look. The engine cover is also one of the first Yamaha-manufactured parts to include plant-derived cellulose nanofiber (CNF) reinforced resin.

New 255 FSH Sport H Center Console Boat with Helm Master EX

Yamaha’s new 255 FSH Sport H mirrors the 255 FSH Sport E in performance, comfort, and convenience and adds Yamaha's Helm Master EX and joystick control for smooth, precise low-speed maneuvering. Helm Master EX allows the driver to move the boat forward, reverse, laterally, and rotationally with just one hand on the joystick. The new feature is easy to use and can be mastered by new boaters quickly.

Helm Master EX also independently controls each motor using a system called Dual Thrust Control. This system uses a pair of electronic throttle bodies, one for each motor, to control the amount of thrust each motor produces. The throttle bodies are connected to a control unit that receives input from the joystick control unit and then sends signals to the throttle bodies to adjust the amount of thrust each motor produces.

DRiVE X Expanded to 252SD and 255XD Boats

DRiVE X, first introduced on the 2023 275SD, is a combination of Yamaha’s DRiVE paddle control system that moves the boat forward and aft while keeping the driver’s hands on the steering wheel. The system adds functionality to the steering wheel by allowing the driver to slowly move the boat starboard or port, rotate 360° on its axis, or hold the boat against the dock for quick loading and unloading of passengers.

You can get the first look at the 2024 center console series, including the new FSH Sport H, in the video below:

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