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Volvo Penta Expands Remanufacturing Options for Engines & IPS Drives

Volvo Penta has announced they will offer several of their popular inboard models as rebuilt offerings -- allowing customers to repower existing or older model boats at more economical pricepoints.

The company will offer their D4, D6, D8, D6, and D13 engines as rebuilt packages. The offering will also include the full IPS range of motors as well. The remanufacturing process reuses up to 60% of an engine's components while saving up to 56% of CO2 emissions compared to a new engine's production.

The engines will come with a Volvo Penta Genuine Parts warranty.

Volvo Penta will also be offering complete packages from remanufactured IPS drivelines. The remanufactured IPS drives will be produced on the same line as new units. They will also enjoy the same warranty coverage.

For those considering a repower, the remanufactured engines will be covered by the Genuine Parts warranty, while any remanufactured components will have a 12-month warranty. If the units are supplied and installed by an authorized Volvo Penta dealer, the warranty can extend up to 24 months, with 600 hours of recreational coverage or 3,000 hours of commercial coverage.

“Changing an engine is now straightforward with our newly expanded remanufacturing offer, delivering fast and easy-to-install solutions available via a call, click or email,” said global product manager Roland Henriksson in a press release. 

“We now offer our largest selection of remanufactured engines and drivelines, available from stock and ready for deployment in days.”

Engines and Volvo Penta IPS drives will be disassembled into individual components before being cleaned and inspected. All parts, except those being replaced with new infill, are then returned to like-new condition before being tested and verified. The components are then used to rebuild the engines and Volvo Penta IPS drives that are held in stock. Once the remanufactured engine is finished, it is put through a series of end-of-line tests to ensure it meets the original specifications and delivers the reliability, durability and performance customers expect.

As part of the launch, the D8 and D13 engines are already available commercially. The company expects to roll out the D4 and D6 later in 2024.

According to the company, with remanufactured engines and drivelines the lifespan of the engine and drivelines are increased, thereby increasing a vessel's lifespan. The remanufacturing expansion will represent the best quality replacement outside of a new engine. The turnaround time is also faster, and all remanufactured components stay updated and are modified to a technically improved design. For commercial operators, it provides a compelling combination of affordability, robustness, and convenience.

Similar remanufacturing options have been offered by Mercury Marine and CAT in recent years, giving boaters more economical options for prolonging the lifespan of their boat regardless of its type of size. The reduction in environmental impact at the manufacturing level has improved significantly in recent years as it reduces factory emissions, lowers overhead costs, and minimizes inventory overshoots.

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