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Volvo Penta & Paradigm Unveil High-Performance Wakesurf Deck Boat

Volvo Penta and Paradigm Boats have partnered on a unique high performance wakesports deck boat for 2024.

The all-new Damascus 296 Surf features a unique fibreglass wakesurf deck boat design paired with Volvo Penta’s Forward Drive system and dual V8 400 HP engine package.


According to the Paradigm, the Damascus 296 is designed to offer a wakesurf alternative that bucks traditional concepts on the market. The innovative deck boat layout was showcased at Dealer Week in Tampa, Florida last week, which allowed dealers to explore the boat's potential before shipments begin in early 2024.

In terms of functionality, the boat leverages its unique design with Volvo Penta’s Forward Drive system for advanced control, maneuverability and fuel economy within a luxury wakeboat.


“Developed from decades of experience and engineering expertise, the new Damascus 296 Surf was purpose-built to challenge industry expectations and reimagine the essence of boating by combining the best in both watersport and leisure applications,” said Scott Buchanan, CEO and founder of Paradigm Boats in a company statement.

“Paradigm's partnership with Volvo Penta upholds our high standards for craftsmanship and quality, delivering an unparalleled level of smoothness and maneuverability. This ensures a distinctive and enjoyable experience for everyone on board."

The Damascus 296 Surf will also be equipped with Volvo Penta’s Watersports Control system so boaters can personalize their speed and trim. Users can create individual profiles for up to 21 riders and then switch between settings easily when a new rider takes their turn.


Volvo Penta’s Forward Drive also solves the issue of propeller exposure by relocating the sterndrive’s props to the front of the drive rather than the rear. The system’s Duoprop design features two forward-facing, counter-rotating props that pull the boat through the water rather than pushing it, allowing for optimal boating control and comfort.


“Paradigm’s new deck boat model marries the perfect combination of solutions to deliver a wakesurf alternative that, in many ways, serves as a better option for recreational boaters,” said Jens Bering, vice president of marine sales for Volvo Penta of the Americas. “By providing more space without compromising the wave, the Damascus 296 Surf is an ideal fit for large groups or families to enjoy a full day on the water – whether swimming, surfing, skiing, or just enjoying the fresh air on deck.”


“We’re excited to start getting boaters into this new vessel and see how it changes their perspective on what’s possible on water,” added Buchanan. “We are committed to being a true paradigm shift, not only in product design but in every aspect of our ongoing approach – from manufacturing processes to ensuring unparalleled consumer support.”

Other perks including the boat being backed by the Volvo Penta Coastal Series corrosion protection package with seven-year warranty coverage for its gasoline sterndrives and Forward Drives.


Both available V6 and V8 engines will also use all-aluminum blocks and closed-loop freshwater cooling. The integrated Coastal Series package includes titanium-ceramic coatings, aluminum exhausts, and sensors with audible and visual warnings of potential saltwater intrusion in the bellow or drive gear lubricant.

You can see the new 296 Surf in action below:

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