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Tom Brady's Favourite Boat Brand is Back with the Sleek Wajer 44 Runabout

2023 Wajer 44 runabout
Introducing the 2023 Wajer 44

Wajer Yachts are pure style.

The Dutch boat builder has grown by leaps and bounds in recent years, thanks in part to the unofficial (but also possibly official) ambassadorship of Tom Brady.

Football's most famous QB rocked a Wajer 55 known as Viva a Vida ("live life") before upgrading to the almighty Wajer 77.

He made great use of the 55, which included such newsworthy stunts as taking it to his own Super Bowl parade. He even had the audacity to toss the Vince Lombardi trophy off the aft deck to a teammate on another boat (and succeeded, I might add).

The sleek new Wajer 44 would be a downsize for TB12, but the quarterback king can probably find the storage space for it.

The new ride is being classed as a runabout, but it's plenty big with an LOA of 43' (13.1 m) and a 12'1" beam (4 m). That's not stopping devotees, however, as the company has already racked up 20 pre-orders in less than week since the announcement.

According to the company, the new 44 is "completely focused on the Smart Boating concept." Owners can connect directly to their yacht at any time using a smartphone app. The features are vast and unique too -- like the ability to check your anchor position during lunch on the beach, monitor your engine and performance data, adjust the A/C, and even raise/lower the swim ladder.

“The Wajer 44 is not only state-of-the-art in terms of design but also in terms of connectivity,” said managing director Dries Wajer. “As an owner, you can view all data in the Wajer app and operate your boat remotely, no matter where you are.” 

Design-wise, while being significantly smaller than the flagship Wajer 77, the 44 takes many of its design cues from its big brother. In both cases, it's all about sleekness. The 44 features smooth-inducing features like swing-over anchor arm that retracts into an anchor hatch, and cleats that are incorporated into the hull shape. Nothing sticking out, nothing distracting from the shape. Even more, the captain operates the boat through three flush-mounted Garmin screens that completely fill the dashboard. The cockpit utilizes a custom Wajer-designed steering wheel and three carbon shell seats. 

Up front, the 44 encourages R&R thanks to lounging areas at both the bow and stern. An optional bimini top can also help improve the vibes without causing sunstroke. Like all things Wajer, the bimini itself can also be tucked away using carbon brackets to maintain the sleek exterior profile. The stern platform is shaped around storage for water toys, with fun add-ons like Seabobs and electric surfboards capable of being tucked away inside multiple storage compartments.

Below deck is a large double deck that can be converted into a dining area. The 44 also includes a complete head with shower and toilet, and a galley with fridge, sink, coffee machine, and ice machine.

Power comes from twin Volvo IPS 650 engines pushing out an ample 1300 hp for a 43-foot runabout. Top speed is a respectable 40 knots (46 mph) while cruising speeds are a more subtle 26 knots (30 mph). A sizeable 1200 liter (317 gallon) tank allows for long range cruising.

The first Wajer 44 will be launched this summer. The new 44S and 44HT will become available after that. Looks like somebody should check on Brady.

Get the first glimpse at the Wajer 44 below:

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