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The Most Famous Ship in History is Now the Ultimate Lego Set

By: Scott Way

Lego Titanic set
The 1:200 sized replica is Lego's 2nd largest kit with over 9000 parts

Almost 110 years after an iceberg sent the world's most famous ship to the bottom of the Atlantic, the almighty Titanic is coming back: as a Lego set.

The 1:200 sized replica will sport an LOA of 4'6" and is comprised of a staggering 9090 pieces. You won't want to drop any pieces on the floor, lest you risk sinking her in the bathtub during sea trials. A rubber ducky may serve as your iceberg, if so desired.

The kit will actually be the second largest ever, behind only the Lego Art World Map comprising 11,695 pieces and measuring nearly 4'x2' (the Millennium Falcon is currently third, because of course it is).

In typical Titanic fashion, the Lego version will be full of dapper luxury and exquisite detail. In an impressive engineering feat, the replica breaks into three cross-sections to expose interior details including the First Class grand staircase (which spans six decks), guest quarters, and the 'Jacobean-style' dining saloon on the ship's D deck. Even the engine room has moving pistons that rotate the propellers the same way they once did (albeit in your living room instead of the cold, dark Atlantic).

The deck features are true to form and show the exact layout and amenities as they were in 1912, including the swimming pools, lifeboats, and functioning anchors that can be raised and lowered.

The kit will be available for pre-sale starting November 1st and comes with a first class pricetag of $629 USD. For some reference, a standard first class ticket on the original Titanic was $150, or the equivalent of roughly $1700 today.

To get one for Christmas we'd recommend placing an order ASAP, because ironically a backup at commercial shipping ports is currently causing supply chain delays. If you want your LEGO ship off the real ship in time, act now.

If you're ambitious enough to attempt the Legotanic, here's a good look at what you're in for:

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